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Why can’t I find Love? The Road to Enlightenment (My Story of Finding Love)

Why can’t I find Love-AffectionGuide
Why can’t I find Love-AffectionGuide


Being a boy, I always wanted to do something big and make a difference in society. But I was upset with my own life. I knew that somewhere I was missing something. But I didn’t know what exactly. I knew that I have no one in my life who loved me. No parents, no relatives, no friends. No one to love me. I knew that I was missing all of them. I was so lonely. I knew that I have to make my life more worthy, that everybody could love me. I decided to start finding love. I started creating some unique series of content, with which I thought it might work for me to find love.

I planned for it and started doing what I wanted to do. I started with my Journey to create content and find love. Few days passed on slowly people started recognizing my talent and potential that I was capable of creating something big. In the process of creating content to find love, I used various platforms to showcase them. But in the initial days, no one showed any interest. It took almost 2 years for me to build my audience for myself. People started showering love upon me.

Journey to Happiness

I was on a ride. I was happy. I thought that this is it what I was looking for all these years. This was all I was looking for, and here it is. The pure form of love. In front of my eyes. Thanks, almighty. Now, I was only thinking about, how can I spread more happiness among people so that they can find love in their respective lives. Although I couldn’t find love in my own life, I can make others find love.

Journey to Happiness-AffectionGuide
Journey to Happiness-AffectionGuide

Slowly my audience grew bigger. It went to such an extent that it made me crazy to go over the things which I never did. It was all very surprising for me. Many people were in the queue to meet me every single day. People went crazy over me. Some people even promised that they can do anything and everything for me. Seeing and watching all these things, made me very emotional. It made me realize that I could do something like this, which is to change my life and others, all for a better living. Which was all a new experience for me. I was full of energy on all the days while I was creating content and doing, I had decided to do, that is to find love.

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Adding Value in the Society

It seems nostalgic when you create so out of your life tragedies, for your own better living and to creating way more value in other people’s lives, which gives you the fruits of success + love all at once that sometimes it is hard to handle all of this. Nevertheless, you can get along with this when you organize in a better way. All things are possible when you have that zeal to accomplish all those things that you aim for in your life.

Meanwhile, all these years of my journey and content creation to find love for me, made me so popular, that I didn’t recognize that I inspired a particular section of people. They wanted me to attend their interviews and to share my thoughts. They wanted to hear how it has been possible for me to do so much that I could add value to society. They wanted to hear all this from me. And I couldn’t say no.

Soon after some days, I have been for an interview on a popular show. I attended it. You won’t believe me when I saw the audience there, I had no words to speak. It was packed. Everyone was waiting to hear my words and my story. This interview was a new experience for me with everyone’s grace. It was good.


The Satisfaction

One day I sat on my work desk. While having coffee, in mind I went back to my old days and thought that – ‘This is what I was looking for. This is for what I have started my journey to find love. And for God’s sake, there is so much love in the world with me right now. I couldn’t have asked for better than this. I can never thank enough to each one who contributed to my journey in any form. Very grateful to find so much love in the world.’

The Satisfaction-AffectionGuide
The Satisfaction-AffectionGuide

My Poor State

All my success was on my head. I went in a zone where I did what my mind was saying. I didn’t listen to anyone. I stopped creating content which was my only aim to find love in my life. I was not in a state, where I could understand what exactly was happening in my life. Soon after some days, one of my friends took me to the rehabilitation center. It took some time for me to get back to the normal state. People at the rehab center could recognize me and could understand the reason behind my present state. Although they knew, they kept quiet all the time to make me feel comfortable. And for all this, I’m thankful to them.

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A Big Boost in my Life and Society on the whole

After a year, I was in a normal state and I was able to start a business where my aim and initiative were to add value and to have a provisional answer to the question Why can’t I find love to each one of them, who thought that they are capable of finding love by themselves by creating content and adding value to the society by whichever way possible to them.

Soon people started sharing their stories with this initiative. It went for a long time. I also had an opportunity to share my views on Ted Talk.

So, though it is like “Why can’t I find love” in my life, but I can find an answer to the question “Why can’t I find love?” All I could do to find myself and trust the process was to get going as it was happening that makes you the individual you are today.

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