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What Is A Monogamous Relationship?

What Is A Monogamous Relationship-AffectionGuide
What Is A Monogamous Relationship-AffectionGuide

A sexual or emotional relationship that involves two partners at any point in time is called monogamy. There are other names people generally use to refer to monogamy. Names like:

  • Marriage
  • Matrimony
  • Partnership
  • Long-term relationship

Today, many people tend to accept monogamy as the ideal type of relationship. However, there are still others who find it hard to stay committed to a monogamous relationship. The result is the increased number of marriage infidelities, divorce cases, and breakups. Monogamy also entails that an individual remained committed to a single partner throughout his/her lifetime.

Monogamy is also prevalent in some animal species and not human beings alone. Animal studies opine that there is a connection between genetic mutation and the inclination for monogamy. Therefore, this can indicate that the preference for monogamy by human beings may be an evolutionary trend.

Derivation of the Word

Monogamy is a derivation from two words of Greek origin:

  • Monos: the act of being alone
  • Gamos: the Greek word for marriage

By definition, monogamy encompasses four different types of relationships. They include:

  • Social Monogamy, which involves two unmarried partners co-habiting together. Both partners contribute their quota to provide basic amenities like food and shelter. In most cases, sex and romance are also a part of social monogamy.
  • Marital Monogamy, which is the relationship that involves a man who is legally married to a woman.
  • Genetic Monogamy involves sex with proven genetic confirmation of parenthood.
  • Sexual Monogamy comprises two people that come together for sex. In this case, both partners have an understanding or agree not to keep other sexual partners.

Uses of The Term Monogamy

The term monogamy may vary in meaning according to usage. For example, biologists, ecologists, and behavioral anthropologists utilize the term when referring to sexual relationships. Conversely, social scientists and anthropologists use the word when referring to marital monogamy or social monogamy.

Marital monogamy-AffectionGuide
Marital monogamy-AffectionGuide

There are two types of marital monogamy, which are:

  • Classical monogamy and
  • Serial monogamy

Classical Monogamy

In classical monogamy, both couples marry as virgins. They also maintain sexual fidelity with each other as long as they are alive. In case one partner dies, the remaining partner becomes a celibate.

Serial Monogamy

Serial Monogamy refers to a single partner marriage at any given time, which is different from polygamy. Polygamy permits two or more partners at the same time. One of the main reasons for serial monogamy is divorce and remarriage.

Monogamy, Polygamy, and Polyandry (What is the Contrast)?

Monogamy defines a relationship exclusively between two partners. Many world religions today preach monogamy as the acceptable kind of marriage. In the United States, federal laws support only monogamous marriages, and all fifty states also adhere to this law.

On the other hand, polyamory is when a person has two or more partners. The relationship can involve sexual intercourse or be romantic, depending on the couple’s agreement.

Polygamy is a marital relationship comprising more than one spouse. The term polygamy has two sub-classifications:

  • Polygyny: defines a marriage that involves a man and two women and above.
  • Polyandry is a marriage that comprises a woman and two or more men.

While these kinds of relationships exist and may be acceptable in some places, the United States laws make these kinds of relationships illegal.

Choosing Monogamy-AffectionGuide
Choosing Monogamy-AffectionGuide

Choosing Monogamy (The Right Way To Go About It With Your Partner)

It is essential to outline your expectations when going into a sexual or romantic relationship with people. If your ideal relationship is monogamy, you should make it known from the start. You and your partner should be sure that you are comfortable and willing to remain monogamous during the relationship before going into one.

However, monogamy does not take away the desire to want to have sex with other people sometimes. Even polygamous couples once in a while may desire to have a more dedicated relationship with only one person.

It is hard to decide what the inner desires of a person are at face value. Therefore, talking things out can provide a greater understanding among both couples.

Red Alerts To Watch Out For In Your Monogamy

From the onset of a relationship, many people agree that they don’t want multiple sex partners. However, there are red alerts to watch out for that helps to define what they want. Sometimes, you may have to stay in a relationship long enough to notice that monogamy is not the right relationship you need. Other times, there are enough signs from the onset to tell that your partner may not be able to cope with monogamy. Some of the signals to watch out for in your relationship includes:

  • The constant feeling of an urge that you want to explore a sexual or romantic relationship with others can be a pointer to the fact that you want something else than monogamy
  • Unfaithfulness on your path or from your partner can be a red alert that one of you needs to explore other options
  • Either you or the person you are in a relationship with does not care if there are other sexual or romantic partners existing between the both of you
  • If at any point begins you develop the negative feeling that you are in a trap or having limitations, then you should think otherwise about the relationship

Issues of monogamous relationships can be settled at home by couples. However, it is essential to study the situation. Perhaps all you need may be to quit the relationship and go for a change.


Monogamy can help to strengthen the bond between two people. Sometimes, couples may require the services of a therapist. A monogamous relationship also reduces the risk of STDs. Monogamy is decent for society in general. It reduces the number of marital perfidies. It also helps to reduce the number of marital infidelity and other related issues. The more two people commit to monogamy, the more meaningful it becomes to both of them. Monogamy also helps both partners to develop a better sex life towards each other over time.

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