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Funny And Freaky Questions To Ask Your Friends/Crush/Partner

Funny And Freaky Questions To Ask Your Friends/Crush/Partner-AffectionGuide
Funny And Freaky Questions To Ask Your Friends/Crush/Partner-AffectionGuide

Everyone should know a few funny questions to ask their date or crush… because talking to people may be daunting, whether you’re making small talk at work or attempting to woo your crush. It doesn’t have to be that way, thankfully.

You can easily handle any social scenario if you keep these funny questions in mind. If you’re confident, engaging, and sociable, you’ll find that keeping a conversation going is a breeze once you get it started.

Make an effort not to overthink it. Even if you’re conversing with the person of your dreams, keep in mind that they’re just like you. In fact, they may be more nervous than you are.

The most difficult hurdle to overcome is coming up with topics to discuss in the first place. This handy list of funny questions to ask takes care of the problem.

The only way to become proficient at anything is to practise it. Every time, the art of conversation gets more natural and effortless. Speaking with your crush is also a terrific method to gain new viewpoints and boost your self-esteem.

  • Funny Questions To Ask A Girl:
  1. Which emojis do you use the most?
  2. What’s the weirdest app you have on your phone?
  3. Are you more of a romantic comedy or action-packed blockbuster type of person?
  4. What childhood cartoon do you still like to watch?
  5. Would you rather be fluent in all languages or be a master at every instrument?
  6. Did you have a favorite fairy tale growing up?
  7. If you were a vegetable, what would you be and why?
  8. If you worked at a circus, what job would you like to have?
  9. Which song lyric speaks to you the most?
  10. What’s the worst time period that you could possibly travel back to?
  11. What television or movie character do you feel a close connection with?
  12. If past lives existed, what do you think yours was?
  13. Would you rather explore space or the deep sea?
  14. If you had to choose between having a horn or tail, what would you choose?
  15. Would you rather live in a world full of magic or a world full of superheroes and villains?
  16. Would you rather have your farts smell like roses or spoiled milk?
  17. If you could pick a new first name, what would you choose?
  18. Which food would you rather smell like for the rest of your life?
  19. If animals were to make documentaries about humans, what are some of the weird things they’d show?
  20. If you lost your speech and could only choose an animal sound to communicate, what animal would it be?
  • Funny Questions To Ask A Girl Over Text:
  1. What is the naughtiest thing you did in a relationship?
  2. Am I looking forward to dating daddy’s girl?
  3. Who is important? Dream guy or fame?
  4. What is the most embarrassing thing you did?
  5. Would you prefer singing in shower or car when no one is around?
  6. Would you give up sleep for a date?
  7. What is your fashion faux pas?
  8. Did you do something weird to grab someone’s attention?
  9. What is the most bizarre dream you had?
  10. Would you rather wake up tomorrow as the opposite sex or 50 years older?
  11. Is there any food you would give up your relationship for?
  12. Did you ever sleep with your shoes on?
  13. What’s the funniest thing you did on a date?
  14. What unnecessary products do you consider necessary?
  15. Do you look as good as you look in your profile picture?
  16. Did you send an awkward text to someone by mistake?
  17. Did you dream of getting married when you were a kid?
  18. What’s the most useless advice you received?
  • Funny Way To Ask A Girl Out:
  1. Want to sit in my living room and think of all the places we could go if there weren’t a pandemic?
  2. We should start a podcast. (Or just, like, drink wine and talk.)
  3. Care to help me rearrange my plants?
  4. Want to come over to explain that GameStop thing to me?
  5. I’m pretty tired of looking at the inside of my apartment. Could I come look at the inside of your apartment?
  6. Are you hungry? I just ordered enough take-out for a family of four.
  7. I’d like to ask you out, but with everything closed, maybe I could ask you in?
  8. You should tell your boss your WiFi is out, so we can go get lunch.
  9. Do you still need a haircut? I’ve been watching a lot of hair TikTok and feel pretty good about my abilities.
  10. I’m horrible at cooking but great at ordering Postmates. Come by later?
  11. So, is your dog around later? I’d love to take them on a walk.
  12. Want to drink wine with my roommates? We can crank the music, eat stale peanuts, and pretend we’re at a bar.
  • Funny Things To Say To A Girl:
  1. Do you have the ability to burp on command?
  2. Have you ever laughed so hard you peed yourself?
  3. Can you make a convincing fake fart noise?
  4. If your friend got stung by a jellyfish, would you be willing to pee on them?
  5. Has anyone ever walked in on you while you were using the bathroom?
  6. What is the nastiest thing you have ever eaten?
  7. What would you do if you were a vampire?
  8. Do you re-wear dirty clothes?
  9. Have you ever used the bathroom in the woods?
  10. Would you let a dog kiss your mouth?
  11. What is your favorite kind of chicken nugget?
  12. If you discovered a new berry, what would you name it?
  13. Which breakfast cereal mascot do you think would be the most fun to have at a party?
  14. What is always in your refrigerator?
  • Dumb Questions To Ask A Guy:
  1. What’s the funniest joke that you can think of right now?
  2. What is one food that you consider the bane of your existence?
  3. If your life had a theme song, what would it be?
  4. What is something that I wouldn’t believe about you?
  5. What is the most hilarious childhood experience that you could think of right now?
  6. What do you think you would be doing if you never had to work in your life?
  7. Have you ever noticed that easy open packages never seem to open that easily?
  8. If you manage to survive the apocalypse, what do you think your post-apocalyptic job would be?
  9. What’s the most imaginative insult you can come up with right now?
  10. How do you handle people you don’t like?
  11. Which came first, the egg or the chicken?
  12. Where do you want to be in an hour?
  13. What is the color of your underwear right now?
  14. What song do you feel the absolute urge to sing along with whenever you hear it?
  • Dumbest Questions To Ask Your Friends:
  1. If you were to appoint a president of the internet, who would it be and why?
  2. If you were put in charge of creating a brand new global holiday, what would you name it and how would it be celebrated? What time of year would it be held?
  3. You can make one of your body parts detachable without any negative repercussions. What body part would it be and why?
  4. Your life is now a video game. What are some of the cheat codes you can use and what do they do?
  5. How many chickens would it take to be able to kill a lion?
  6. Brushing your teeth or wiping your butt – you have to give one up. Which one would it be and why?
  7. The zombie apocalypse has begun! You have an SUV and a baseball bat. Where are you going first?
  8. What’s the worst tag line you can think of for a brand that sells wart removal cream?
  9. What outrageous conspiracy theory do you think might actually seem like a logical argument?
  10. During the apocalypse, would it be better to live on your own or in a community?
  • Funny Date Questions:
  1. What are some of your worst nicknames?
  2. Can we consider eyebrows as facial hair?
  3. What are your funniest moments in life?
  4. If you could have a superpower, what would it be?
  5. What is your favorite guilty-pleasure show on TV?
  6. What type of food can’t you live without?
  7. Why do banks have branches if money doesn’t grow on trees?
  8. If you could trade lives with someone, who would it be? And why?
  9. What movie star would you date, given the chance?
  10. Which cartoon character would you say you resemble most?
  11. If Cinderella’s shoe fit well, why did it fall off?
  12. If you would be a DJ, what would your name be?
  13. Where is there a light in the fridge if we shouldn’t eat at night?
  • How To Make A Girl Laugh Over Text:
  1. I hope you know CPR because you take my breath away!
  2. My love for you is like dividing by zero; it cannot be defined.
  3. If we combined my IQ and your body, we would begin a race of super genetic children who would conquer the earth.
  4. I am attracted to you so strongly; scientists will have to develop a fifth fundamental force.
  5. If I had a star for every time you brightened my day, I would have a galaxy in my hand.
  6. Guess what I am wearing? The smile you gave me.
  7. You are the reason Santa even has a naughty list.
  8. Was that an earthquake, or did you rock my world?
  9. You are so beautiful you made me forget my pick up line.
  10. Was your dad a baker? Because you have got a nice set of buns.
  11. Do you believe in love at first sight, or should I walk by again?
  12. Somebody call the cops because it has to be illegal to look that good!
  • Trap Questions To Ask Your Girlfriend:
  1. What did you think about me when you first saw me?
  2. Do I make you happy?
  3. Which song comes to your mind and heart, while you think of me?
  4. When exactly did you fall in love with me?
  5. What are the things that remind you of me?
  6. What are your feelings about our first kiss?
  7. What is the sexiest thing about me?
  8. What would you like me to call you?
  9. Who would be your dream date?
  10. Where would you like to go for your honeymoon?
  11. How can I make you feel more special?
  12. What is it I have to do to keep you in my life forever?
  • Funny Date Questions:
  1. Who was your first celebrity crush?
  2. Have you ever texted a random person just for fun?
  3. What’s the funniest dream you’ve ever had?
  4. Do you love grocery shopping?
  5. What is your ideal spirit animal?
  6. Have you ever had to make people laugh?
  7. What’s your favorite karaoke song?
  8. What’s the worst joke you’ve ever had?
  9. Have you ever pretended to laugh at a stale joke?
  10. What is your best random food combination?
  11. What are some of the best pranks you’ve ever pulled off?
  12. Have you ever drunk texted someone and later regretted it?
  13. Who’s your favorite stand-up comedian?
  • Funny Ways To Ask Someone Out:
  1. I’ve been meaning to ask you out, but I’ve been super busy reorganizing my spice rack.
  2. If I ask you out later this week, will that be enough time to shower and find an outfit that’s not sweatpants?
  3. Let’s see who can make the better quarantine banana bread. The loser has to put on jeans.
  4. Want to do work next to each other, not talk, and pretend we’re at a coffee shop?
  5. I’m having a sandwich emergency. Any chance you have any sliced cheese?
  6. If I ask you out, will that ruin our pen pal thing?
  7. Quarantine has me losing track of time. Did I ask you out yet?
  8. Do you have any errands you need to run today? I’m looking for any excuse to get out of my apartment.
  • Funny Things To Say To Your Crush:
  1. I thought happiness started with an H. Why does mine start with U?
  2. If I were a triangle, would you say I was an ~acute~ one?
  3. I had a dream that you asked me out on a date and I said, “No.” Can I please take it back?
  4. How much money does a pirate pay for corn? A buccaneer.
  5. Are you up for making a trade? How about a date for a kiss?
  6. On a scale from one to 10, you’re a nine… So, will you let me be the one you need?
  7. You’ve been everything I’ve been searching for… Hey, are you Google?
  8. What did the rice say to the teriyaki chicken? Honestly, IDK, but would you be down to grab some this weekend and investigate?
  9. What do you call an everyday potato? A commentator.
  10. Well, here I am. What are your other two wishes?
  11. Hey, my name’s Microsoft. Can I crash at your place tonight?
  12. I think there’s something wrong with my phone. Could you try calling it for me to see if it rings?
  • Trick Questions Ask Your Boyfriend:
  1. What was your first impression about me?
  2. How close am I to that first impression?
  3. If you were a fictional character who would you be?
  4. Which is the song you associate with my image?
  5. If I caught you lying to me, how would you save yourself?
  6. What is your wildest fantasy?
  7. If you could give up one of your senses, which one would it be? Why?
  8. What would be the first thought to come to your mind if someone told you that they saw me with another guy?
  9. What is the wackiest gift you have ever received or given someone?
  10. Which female celebrity would you want to take away for a weekend?
  11. If you could get one superpower, what would it be?
  12. If I were a fruit, what would I be?
  • Freaky Questions To Ask A Girl:
  1. Have you ever wanted to role-play?
  2. What is the best kiss you have ever had?
  3. Where do you like to be touched?
  4. What is your type?
  5. How do you feel about kissing in public?
  6. What do you think about me when we are not together?
  7. Have you ever tried to picture me n*ked?
  8. What is your opinion on a boy making the first move?
  9. Do you think lovemaking should happen anywhere, not just in a bed?
  10. Are there any moves that you’ve never tried but always wanted to?
  11. What are three places you’d do it outside of a home?
  12. What is one outfit you’d like to see me in?
  • Freaky Questions To Ask Your Gf:
  1. What do you wear to bed?”
  2. If I was a motorcycle, would you want to ride on the front or on the back?
  3. Do you like having your hair pulled?
  4. Where is your favorite lovemaking spot?
  5. Do you like biting?
  6. Do you think you know what I want?
  7. Do you like scratching?
  8. Who is your dream guy/girl, if you couldn’t have me?
  9. Do you like being teased?
  10. What part of my body would you want me to tattoo?
  11. What is your favorite thing about my body?
  • Funny Questions To Ask On Instagram Story:
  1. What can you give a 30-minute impromptu lecture about?
  2. In what game do you always lose? What’s the weirdest thing you loved to eat as a child?
  3. If you could add four hours to your day, how would you spend them?
  4. Who would be the worst celebrity with whom to have dinner?
  5. What small thing makes you angrier than it should?
  6. If you were a ghost, how would you haunt?
  7. If you were an actor, in what kind of roles would you excel?
  8. What are you too old for but still enjoy? What’s your best one-liner?
  • Dumb Questions To Ask:
  1. What is the worst thing that a person can put on their bio on a dating app?
  2. Would you rather have a disease that makes you say every thought that ever crosses your mind, or a disease that makes you react very inappropriately to all the interactions that happen to you and around you?
  3. You’re now a superhero with an unlikely power. Is it the ability to shoot meatballs out of your nostrils, or the power to create force fields but only around ants?
  4. If your pet could talk, what’s one thing they could say that would completely ruin your image?
  5. What’s something that doesn’t really smell great, but you keep wanting to smell it anyway?
  6. You’re now the president, but you can only make changes that improve the lives of cats in your jurisdiction. What three things would you change to support the felines in your community?
  7. You’ve just won an all-expense paid trip to anywhere in the world, but you can only go if you take three of the people you dislike the most with you. Who are they and where are you going?
  8. If you had three extra siblings, what would be your birth order and what personalities would you like them to have?
  9. You’ve been alone on a desert island for nearly a decade and you’re finally brought back to civilization. You’re handed the keys to the presidential suite in a 5-star hotel. What do you do first – use the bathroom or sleep in the king-sized bed?
  10. You’re homeless and only have one choice of clothing – a tattered, oversized white shirt with very thin fabric and lots of holes, or an extremely tight flesh-colored set of underwear. What’ll it be?
  11. You are now banned from the local library. What would be the reason for it?
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