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How to Tell If a Guy Likes You, but Is Hiding It

How to Tell If a Guy Likes You-AffectionGuide
How to Tell If a Guy Likes You-AffectionGuide

It is very mystifying at times when your friend or someone you know suddenly acts differently around you. Is it love or is it hate? It is quite normal if a guy who is in love with you changes his body language and the conversations with you. 

Sometimes, you can easily find what is in a guy’s mind. But some guys are surely difficult to apprehend. So, it depends from person to person. But there are a few signs that you can look into to tell when a guy is in love with you. Love is something that arises out of nowhere. It is a sudden feeling or it might even take some time that will gradually become stronger. So, if you are in doubt whether a guy likes you, but hiding it, then I am sure the following signs are sure to clear that.

10 signs to understand if a guy likes you, but us hiding it

1, He tries to impress you

Making an impression one of the most common things a guy does if he likes a girl. It can be from his dressing, hairstyle, the way he behaves, and many more. He does all these to catch your attention. He wants you to look at him and start liking him. Moreover, he will start doing things you like. He will somehow collect all your details by asking your friends or acquaintances. He might not come directly and ask about you at first. That will take some time as he might be feeling shy to talk with you when he likes you.

2. Body Language

Body Language-AffectionGuide
Body Language-AffectionGuide

A change in body language is easy to recognize. He might not act the same way anymore if he likes you. Do not expect that he will tell you that he likes you, but surely he will show a lot of affection towards you. He would want to hold your hands or hug you when saying goodbye for the day, or he even might hold you around your shoulder when you walk together. You can also check for eye contact. Even if he is sitting far away from you, his eyes will completely glue on you.

3. Spending more time with you

If a guy is fond of you, he will want to spend a lot of time with you. He will make excuses and avoid many things so that he can spend some quality time with you. A guy who is in love will be dying to know more about you and he will never miss a small chance to be with you. Let it be a party, a get-together, office, or even at college, a guy who is in love with you will make every possible chance to sit next to you.

4.  Takes extra care

You will feel very caring when the guy who likes you is right next to you. Whatever the situation be, he will always be there for you through your thick and thin. If any problem arises, he will be the first one to know that you are in trouble, and he will be the first one to take care of you. A truly loving guy will never want to see you getting hurt or depressed. To make you happy, he would love to go the extra mile.

5. Enquire more about you

If the guy who likes you is your friend, then he will know many things about you already. But if he is not very close to you, then he would want to know more about your likes and dislikes. To create a conversation with you, he will do his best no matter what the subject is. Sometimes he will ask about you to your close friends or acquaintances. In such a situation you will clearly understand that the guy is in love with you. Of course, you will know that through your friends.

6.  He remembers everything about you

He remembers everything about you-AffectionGuide
He remembers everything about you-AffectionGuide

Say, for example, if you are out with all your friends including him, he would order food or drinks that you like. Well, that is certainly going to awe you. Also, he will try his best to make you comfortable wherever you go with him. Remembering your birthday, your favorite flavor of ice-cream, your favorite color, favorite music, you name it he will know about it.

7.  Nervous behavior

When a man likes you, he will feel a little awkward at first to start a conversation with you. Sometimes you can see him blush when you look at him or talk with him. At times, he will even feel shy to talk with you. You might see him sweating profusely when you are around him or might see him nervous. All these are some positive signs you can see when he is in love with you.

8.  Quick replies to your calls/texts

A guy who is in love with a girl will never make you wait. If you call him or send him a message, you can expect a reply within seconds. Even if he is in a meeting, he will make sure that he replies to your message. He might reply as he is in a meeting and will catch you later. But still, he will not ignore a call or a message from the person he loves.

9.  Respects you

Respecting each other in a relationship is vital. Without respect, a relation will not go further. If a man adores you, he will always respect you no matter what. He will respect your feelings, respect your behavior and even respect you as a woman. Well, that is something every girl wishes for. A man who respects his lady is of course a gentleman with a loving soul.

10. Accepting you the way you are

Accepting you the way you are-AffectionGuide
Accepting you the way you are-AffectionGuide

Nobody is 100% perfect in this whole world. A guy who sincerely likes you will always accept you the way you are. He will certainly not ask you to change yourself in any way. He started liking by seeing you, understanding your character, and more. So, there is no point asking someone to change for the other person to like.

These are some signs you can see when a guy likes you but hiding it. Many guys will not suddenly go and tell the girl that he likes her. It can be because of many factors like shying away from commitment, being intimidated, scared of being rejected, or waiting for the right opportunity and it goes on. But if men are reading this, I will suggest not to wait for too long to express your feeling to your loved one. Love is a very special feeling that every human would love to embrace.

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