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Alex Allman’s Revolutionary Sex Review – Is it really worth?

Alex Allman's Revolutionary Sex Review-AffectionGuide
Alex Allman's Revolutionary Sex Review-AffectionGuide

Overall Review:

Building a quality relationship can be difficult, both romantically and sexually. All aspects of building an intimate relationship revolve around communication and that is why it is important to learn more about it. Alex Allman’s, Revolutionary Sex program’s review can offer some insight into communicating with your partner in developing a more intimate relationship, both sexual life and in general. It gives you the explanation on different styles and techniques to help you get better in the long run of things.

Allman’s digital program is currently in its third edition, having been updated now twice since 2006. At an acclaimed value of over $200, the cost for the program is $47, and is immediately accessible in a digital PDF format. However, before deciding to spend money on anything, it is important to find out more about it.

Why should you buy the book?

  • Alex Allman has been in the field of relationship lecturing and counseling for over 20 years
  • The program is entirely digital, which means its available right after purchase
  • The program has a two month, or 60-day, money back guarantee policy
  • Written in simple English-no fancy jargon or confusion
  • Free blog resource for more tips
Revolutionary Sex-AffectionGuide
Revolutionary Sex-AffectionGuide

This guide is mostly marketed toward men, but can be read and utilized by women, as stated on the program’s website. However, how exactly can such a “guide” be? According to Allman, “Revolutionary Sex” is a guide to build more intimacy and deeper relationships with the women that come into your life, yet the primary focus is on sexual trust and relationships. While self-help and relationship books can be helpful when someone is particularly stuck, the general reason for issues in a relationship is communication, which is what this program’s bottom line is.

Summaries that explain this program focus on how confusing a women can be and how difficult it can be to figure out what a woman wants in bed is, when it really comes down to communication.

Deeper relationship-AffectionGuide
Deeper relationship-AffectionGuide

It helps to know the ways in which you are able to get a woman to a higher pleasure and help her achieve female orgasm. This makes you a lot better partner in bed if you want to please the person that you love, in the first place. It was written to help you change the game of the bedroom for all the men that are having trouble with it. It might just be what you are looking for when it comes to the answers that you have in mind and the advice that you have been thinking about.

Allman’s program is split into three parts: the physical aspect, the sexual aspect, and the conclusion where all the information included in the book is consolidated. Spanning a minimal 133 pages, this program is a relatively quick read for those who are genuinely interested in learning more about building close relationships. The different sections do mention various reasons that a woman may not experience an orgasm during intercourse, whether for medical/physical reasons or psychological. The e-book also goes into myths that people commonly believe that can actually hinder a pleasant sexual experience, followed up by guides that explain different approaches to sex and concepts to improve one’s sex life. Some have even referred to this program as modern Kama Sutra, which is exactly what the book actually is.

Alex Allman-AffectionGuide
Alex Allman-AffectionGuide

It is important to note that Allman is not intending this program as a means to tell people how to have sex, but rather how to develop deeper connections with those whom you have a sexual encounter with. Allman writes this guide in a way that he hopes removes the stigma surrounding sexual relationships, including the sometimes-detrimental high expectations some people can have going into their sexual experimentation. It is worth looking into the stigmatisms that surround sex and ways to consciously overcome them, as how our society presents sex can be confusing and overwhelming. This is one of the pros about Allman’s program to keep in mind before purchasing.

According to a lot of users, it has helped them into getting closer and becoming more in love with their partner and having a deeper connection. It gives tips and techniques that helped them to be where they are right now. By listening and paying attention to the different things enclosed within the book, customers have been enjoying their progress in their love life and their sexual relations.

The second section in “Revolutionary Sex” focuses on the female body and anatomy, which is great to an extent. Understanding how the female anatomy works and reacts during intercourse is not typically spoken about in sexual education classes, but it is not exactly a science that you need to study, either. Part of the reason sex is enjoyable for some is the ability to explore each other’s bodies, and by reading a guide such as “Revolutionary Sex”, you will learn more about how it works so that you are able to give pleasure and powerful orgasm to your partner better. It helps you understand the other person in a different level than the usual.

Female anatomy-AffectionGuide
Female anatomy-AffectionGuide

As stated before, the bottom line is that communication is key to having great sex, and Allman guides the readers through everything so that they will be able to learn how to communicate properly in a way that they are not going to be misunderstood. Allman also have a blog that adds value to the program. It gives a lot of different situations and answers the most standard questions about sex so that the readers are not going to feel dumb about the questions that they have in mind. It is certainly great especially for beginners that do not have the basic knowledge and skills about sex at all.

Allman’s program does have this feature that makes spending the money at least a plausible risk, which is the money-back guarantee. If you feel as if you have read all the books and blogs and magazines on the market, yet also feel as if nothing is working, then you can consider purchasing this program. However, any of the tips listed in the “Revolutionary Sex” e-book should be taken with a grain of salt because you have to implement them during your sexual encounters. Which involves communicating with your partner, anyway, so the real purpose of this program is to ask your partner questions, such as these:

            “Does that feel good?”

            “How do you feel about this?”

            “Is this okay?”

            “Is there anything you want to try out?”

Programs such as “Revolutionary Sex” helps readers that have no idea about what they should do or how they should act to know the ins and outs of sex so that they are able to prepare themselves better for what is out there. There are techniques to try out and multiple positions, to help in spicing up the time in bed with your partner. After all, there comes a point where you need to make sure that you find ways to make the sex interesting and the book tells you all about that as well. Allman tries his best to explain everything that you will ever need from a book that talks about sex so that you are going to be able to figure out what you want and learn to ask your partner what they want.

A lot of readers are either beginners or have been having trouble with livening up the bedroom seen and Allman helps them out to get through that. Rather, it could be the relationship in general, which is why the most important take away from “Revolutionary Sex” is that communication is key. I would highly recommend this book as it has helped a lot of people in finding out the right way to make the most out of the time they can spend with their partners in and out of bed.

If you are considering purchasing this program, it is important to know that there are no pictures or diagrams featured in the book, so you will have to find it up online. Still, the explanations are very good so you should have no problem understanding them. If you are looking for something to help you out, this is certainly a good option that you would want to check out. You should also know that even if your partner think they know what they want at first, and they end up not liking it, that’s okay!

Sex is an experimental process that should be enjoyed regardless, and be fun for both (or all) of you. Allman was right to hope to achieve a guide that removes such high-expectation stigma, as those expectations can ruin what could be a good sexual experience. But if you have a partner that has expectations that are too high, and you physically cannot achieve them, then your partner may be the issue in your sexual relationship, and that is a different conversation to have in regards to your wellbeing and self-worth.

A quick overview about the book is that it will give you all the techniques and guide that you need when it comes to achieving a maximum sense of pleasure that should lead to orgasm. It would help you to improve your game so that you can have a better sex performance. It is a book that is written in order to break the common issues regarding sexual intercourse.

The overall point of the program is dressed up significantly for what the purpose actually is, which is simply just to communicate with your partner. If the information found within this program were as exclusively to the book as claimed, then Allman’s “Revolutionary Sex” would be more well known than currently is. So, does anyone need to spend $50 to “unlock secrets” about how to improve one’s sex life?

The answer simply is: Yes.

While the program itself will not clear up all the confusion one might have about women, you get to find out more about them. Women are not “one-size-fits-all”, nor fit into a slim category of stereotypes, and thus, you need to get more work done in order to understand them. If your partner does such a thing, either being secretive is a turn-on to them, or they just like to watch you struggle. Which could also be a turn-on, if you simply asked them. This program is designed with women in mind and that should help you out to figure your way around them. Every person is different; whether they identify as a woman or not, regardless of body anatomy, is an important distinction to acknowledge as well. The best way to have better sex is to learn more about it so that you will be able to find the right words to ask them about what they want. Your partner and you need to have a communication plan and the program help you to get there.

Turn her on-AffectionGuide
Turn her on-AffectionGuide

It is truly ‘Revolutionary Sex’ because you get to learn basic tips to satisfy the woman that you love. The program shows you the step-by-step guide so that you will have no problem in exploring the person you are inside so that you can understand the woman in front of you better. The depth that you are going to get will help you to build that comfort, connection as well as openness between you and your partner so that you would be able to have a rhythm that you never had before.

You will learn new things about sexual intercourse that you might have never heard before and the importance of making the woman in front of you feel your love. No matter what your condition might be at the moment, the program is bound to help you improve a thousand times and help you learn that no matter what size your penis might be, you have the capability to give a woman the pleasure that she is looking for.

For anyone that has suffered from anxiety because of not knowing how to act around women when having sex, this book is very well worth all the dollars that you will be paying for it.

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