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Characteristics Of A Cheating Woman

Characteristics Of A Cheating Woman-Affecionguide
Characteristics Of A Cheating Woman-Affecionguide

And they happily lived ever after! We love to watch movies with such happy endings, but real life may not be so rosy. Before you get the shock of your life and discover that your woman is cheating on you, be prepared with some information and facts beforehand to get better versed to handle such a situation.

A recent study mentions that about 30% of women have cheated on their guy at least once during a relationship. Honestly speaking, there’s a strong chance that your woman is cheating on you. Simply put, if you have been dating for a while, then there’s a chance that she’s cheated on you or cheating right now.

A happy relationship is based on trust, love, respect, and understanding. If you’re with a lady who disrespects you, then your relationship is not heading north. By having the ability to identify a cheating woman, you’ll know that she’s not for you. And, this will prepare you to move ahead and find a lady who is worth your time and emotions.

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Why do women cheat on their partners?

Why do women cheat on their partners-AffectionGuide
Why do women cheat on their partners-AffectionGuide

Women, by nature, are more romantic than man and this is one of the possible reasons that she is always looking for companionship and love whenever she feels bored in her life. Not getting the required importance and attention from her partner is also a major reason for infidelity among women.

Few more factors that make women exposed to cheating are social environment, financial status, upbringing, and career prospects.

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Signs of a Cheating Woman

Signs of a Cheating Woman-AffectionGuide
Signs of a Cheating Woman-AffectionGuide

Few signs can help you to identify if you are possibly in a relationship with a cheating woman.

Impulsive Behavior

Cheating just for getting a thrill ride is a common trait displayed by women who have a difficult time controlling their impulses. The tendency to get “right now” is a means to satiate their uncontrollable desires that exposes them to addictions and cheating. You can easily understand from the conduct of a person about their impulsive behavior and be alerted that they can display the same actions in a relationship.

Commitment Phobic

Few women are bored with a relationship once the courtship phase is over, and they would display signs of stress when the serious part begins. Watch out for signs of emotional and physical alienation when you expect your partner to get into a committed relationship. If she is not as interested as you, then you know that her intentions are not right.

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History of Cheating

Though not a thumb rule, women who have cheated before on their spouses/ partners have triple the chances of cheating again. Because this time she is prepared with more reasons to justify her move, it’ll be a lot easier to cheat on her partner.

History of Cheating-AffectionGuide
History of Cheating-AffectionGuide

She loves your money

Loving you for what you’re including your money and loving just your money are two separate scenarios. And while many men are aware of what they are into, they are unable to detach themselves from that woman because they are “oh so much in love” with them. In the latter case, she will ditch you as soon as you have a bad time or you’re out of money. So, once you know that she loves just your wallet, know well that it’s not going to turn out into a committed and serious relationship.

She is trying to get in shape

If your woman has suddenly taken a lively interest in becoming more healthy, and trying to trim a few pounds; then possibly she could be doing this for her new man. Whenever a replacement romance is blossoming, it is the instinct of girls to look their best. By exercising, she is trying to become more sexually desirable.

She is working long hours

One of the classic signs of cheating is when a lady suddenly starts spending longer hours at her job. Unless your lady recently received a promotion, a dramatic change in her work schedule indicates an excuse for time spent far away from you. Perhaps she is using these “extra work hours” to spend time together with her new guy.

She stops talking about a new guy friend

Women will always have guy friends in their lives. Most of the time, you’ll trust these Platonic friends. You’ll often hear your girl mention these men because she has no “love feelings” for them.

But if she features a guy friend and suddenly STOPS talking about him, then you ought to start to stress. It can be a sign that she is trying to hide a budding romance off your radar. If she is now dating this guy, then she’ll do her best to cover it from you.

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She stops criticizing you

Women are always trying to repair guys and alter our undesirable qualities. Generally, this is often healthy, as they are trying to make their man fit into their ideal image of the right guy.

Now if your woman suddenly stops trying to disagree with you, she is showing a symbol that she might be with another guy. When a lady stops worrying about her guy, it means she no longer feels the necessity to bring changes in you. Chances are, she already has found her “perfect guy”.

she is less intimate-AffectionGuide
she is less intimate-AffectionGuide

She is less intimate

A major wake-up call of a cheating woman is when she doesn’t want to get intimate with you. A scarcity of a sex life isn’t a good sign of a healthy relationship. But it is often terrible if she goes from being in need of sex all the time to supplying you with the snub. Lack of sexual desire is an indication that her needs are being taken care of by someone else.

Cheating happens during a lot of relationships. While getting ditched in a relationship is disheartening, it shouldn’t be the single deciding factor of your future. If your woman displays any of the signs mentioned above, then you would possibly be handling a cheating girl. This suggests that it’s time to check what she’s doing in her free time and discover if she’s dating another guy.


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