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Language Of Desire Review

Language of Desire Review-AffectionGuide
Language of Desire Review-AffectionGuide

The Language Of Desire is an online guidebook that educates women on how to tap into men’s most intimate desires. Many of us will end up finding that our partners are losing interest in us long term and want to know what we can do to win them back. The Language Of Desire will do exactly that. It will help you learn how to tap into your partner’s deepest desires. The Language Of Desire has risen in popularity over the past year, and for a good reason. The book has helped women by giving them the education they need to learn about the inner workings of a man’s mind as well as the confidence they need to bring their relationships to a new level.

In today’s review, I will discuss The Language Of Desire, how it works, and if it is worth your time.

Let us get started!

What Is The Language Of Desire?

The Language Of Desire sets out to discuss the psychology of men and their reactions to certain phrases. Essentially, this guide is based around types of communication that will turn your on man on. The book focuses on communication, not physical action thus the name The Language Of Desire. If you’re interested in a book on what moves you can make on your man to turn him on, then this is simply not the book for this. This is a book for someone who is looking to drive their man wild just by their language. This book is for anyone who wants to take their relationship to an entirely different level simply by using communication. At the end of the day, the Language Of Desire is a psychology book that is focused entirely on how to make your man desire you.

How to make your man desire you-AffectionGuide
How to make your man desire you-AffectionGuide

About The Author

The author of The Language Of Desire is Felicity Keith. She was inspired to write the book based on the problems she was having with her husband, Kevin Keith. To make a long story short, Felicity noticed Kevin was growing distant. One night after the couple had sex, she was lying in bed with her eyes closed when she realized Kevin was pleasuring himself. This understandably made Felicity very upset, I mean, she just had sex with her husband. Why would he need to be masturbating? She never mentioned it to Kevin, but she decided she wanted to fix her relationship.

Felicity started doing as much research as she could to understand relationships, men’s psychology, and ways to strengthen your relationship through communication. You see, anyone can spark a quick flame with a sexual encounter, but those moments never last.

What does last is being able to drive a man wild just by communication. This is how you build a long-lasting strong relationship with a man who truly desires you. After spending months of research, she started to apply what she learned to her relationship with her husband. To her surprise, it actually worked! She started developing her book and sharing it with her close friends. They all told her the techniques she had gathered did in fact work on their husbands, and thus The Language Of Desire was born.

The Language Of Desire is not Felicity’s first book, she has also written The Flirty Girl’s Guide To Astrological Attraction. She is well known in the community and has helped many women who have had relationship issues with their partners. Felicity has devoted herself to helping women all over the world rekindle the relationship with their partners to create long-lasting happy relationships.

What Will I Get Out Of The Language Of Desire?

The goal of The Language Of Desire to help women rekindle their relationships.

With their husbands through communication by discussing the psychology of men. The book will teach you how to know what your man wants. This will give you a better of idea on how to keep the man you want hooked for life.

The Language Of Desire is going to help any woman struggling in a relationship or wanting a man. This book’s content will give you the necessary tools to leave any man aroused while they are with you. It’s important to remember that this book is not an erotic book. This is not the Kaam Sutra but rather a Kaam Sutra of language.

This is going to get your man thinking about all the time and truly desiring you. Like we said earlier, anyone can turn a man on physically, and that is the problem. Men become bored easily, the same old tricks wont work, and eventually, they will want that “new toy” if that makes sense. So, how do you keep a man interested? You have to understand how to communicate with them. Communication is the most critical aspect of any relationship, and The Language Of Desire is going to give you the tools to become a master of it.

There are plenty of techniques within The Language Of Desire. One of the notable techniques refers to “Pavlov’s Technique”. This will make a man want you the moment he sees you. Sounds pretty good, right? By using specific psychological tricks, you can condition a man to want you the moment he sees you.

Felicity always has a technique called “The Dirty Movie Destroyer”, which will essentially teach you how to keep your man away from porn. He will lose interest and only be focused on you. I don’t know about you, but this is a technique that really sold me. My husband watches porn, and it isn’t necessarily that I mind, we are all human. It’s the amount of porn he watches. Ladies, like it or not, your husband is watching porn. There are ways you can make him only want you and not fantasize about being with other women.

Cuddle Hormone-AffectionGuide
Cuddle Hormone-AffectionGuide

The Language Of Desire will also teach you “Cuddle Hormone”, which will make your man want to cuddle you anytime you guys are next to each other. Before I read this guide, my husband would fall asleep facing away from me because it was “more comfortable.” Meanwhile, I’m sitting on the other side of the bed cold and lonely. Now that I understand how the cuddle hormone works, I fall asleep in his arms every night. It’s fantastic! Not to mention, we all know cuddling in bed almost always leads to sex!

There are tons of other techniques within this guide that are going to teach how you drive your man absolutely wild. Ladies, I’m telling you, this is the real deal. Relationships take work, and there are tricks to making a relationship last. This book is a playbook with all of those tricks.

Who Should Buy The Language Of Desire?

Any woman out there who wants to take control of their relationship. If you feel insecure in your relationship, lonely, distant, or simply want to take your relationship to another level, The Language of Desire is for you. What brought me to purchase The Language Of Desire was how lost I felt with my man. I felt like we were living on different levels, he wanted one thing, and I wanted another. I started to feel guilty because he started to feel bad about not being as loving or affectionate, but who wants forced love?

Now my husband comes home from work, kisses me, and actually spends time with me. Not to mention, our sex life has never been this good.

Can It Help My Relationship?

Yes, 100 times, Yes! I have suggested it to a few of my friends to see if it was maybe a fluke, and they all had positive results. There are obviously aspects of a relationship that this book wont magically fix. However, what it will do is put you on the right track to reeling your man back in. It will make him want to spend time with you, not feel forced to spend time with you. Remember when you first started dating, the excitement you would both feel to go on a date with on another or the passion you had when you two would have sex. This guide is going to help bring that spark back!

Bring that spark back-AffectionGuide
Bring that spark back-AffectionGuide

The Language Of Desire is also going to do more than make your man want you more, it’s going to make him want to be a better partner in your relationship. Look, anyone can have a lustful few weeks, but at the end of the day problems are problems. This is going to make your husband or boyfriend realize how good they have it, and in turn, they are going to step up to plate more because they don’t want to lose you.

Final Thoughts

The Language Of Desire is the perfect guidebook for any woman who is looking to improve their relationship. This book isnt just your usual relationship book, consider it to be more a psychology book teaching women how to attract the male brain. Once I started using the techniques I learned in this book, my relationship has never been better.

If you or anyone you know is suffering from a relationship that seems to be fizzling out, then I absolutely recommended you pick up The Language Of Desire!

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