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How Do I Tell Him I Like Him-Killer Tips

How Do I Tell Him I Like Him-Killer Tips-AffectionGuide
How Do I Tell Him I Like Him-Killer Tips-AffectionGuide

To be honest, romance is officially dead. But don’t worry because you get to make a difference here. The common love dilemma of how do I tell him I like him is officially answered here, for once and for all. Forget about guys making a move and start living in the 21st Century right away. So, now that we have got you all pumped up, it is time for you to go ahead with the plan. We are not Tinder but we can surely find you a guy this time. Tell your guy that you like him with these (indirect) ideas and don’t forget to thank us later.

Examine Your Feelings First

It’s a fast-paced world and having thousands of crushes in a single day isn’t a crime anymore. So before you even put yourself out there, introspect whether you like him or it’s just another fling for you. Because let’s be honest, there are plenty of cute guys out there and you can surely get distracted.

Give yourself a few days and if you do not feel the same way about him anymore then please drop the plan immediately. However, if you are still feeling those butterflies in your stomach when you see him then he might be worth putting some effort for.

Small Talks Might Come Handy This Time

We know small talks are a big turn off but they can come in handy for you this time around. Stop wondering how do I tell him I like him and start working on it right away by making the first move. You can start with simple and small conversations where even a “Good Morning” can work.

Small Talks Might Come Handy This Time-AffectionGuide
Small Talks Might Come Handy This Time-AffectionGuide

Following him on Instagram can work as a big sign that you are totally into him. Just pick small details from his everyday life and initiate a conversation on it. It can be about a match he played or a thing he said in person. However, small talks are great on texts but avoid them in person and stick to more healthy and constructive conversations.

Find Common Interests and Work on It

Still stuck on the concern of how do I tell him I love him then we have the perfect solution for you. Sharing similar interests would work as the biggest blessing this time. Either find an excuse to spend time together for common interests or pretend that you like what he likes.

Most of the time, these common interests work as big bonding sessions. Not only you will get to start a conversation on it but you can also drop a few hints here and there that you are quite interested in him. This way you get to know him even more and he can also get time to figure out that you have feelings for him.

Guys too like Compliments

One of the easiest approaches towards the dilemma of how do I tell him I like him is to start complimenting the guy you like. Moreover, you should also get over the theory that guys do not need compliments and pampering at all.

You can make a difference here by showing how keenly you notice him. This will surely give out all sorts of positive indications that you are very much into him without even having to say it out loud. Apart from his looks, you can also compliment his work and achievements to show he means something to you.

Healthy Flirting

Healthy flirting always goes a long way. Also, if you are looking out for how to tell a guy you like him in a cute way then it is the best option to go for. This is a very direct approach but it keeps the excitement and that mysteriousness alive.

Try to go for long and gazing eye-contact. And ladies, don’t forget to laugh at his jokes even when they are not that funny. And of course, late-night texts are a must because this is the time when you two can open up to each other. And don’t forget to tag him on relatable posts to let him know that you are thinking about him.

Look Interested (Duh!)

You do not even need a full-proof plan to work on the issue of how do I tell him I like him. Simply, look interested when he is around or when you are talking to him on calls or texts. Smiling more is a clear sign that you are interested in him and so are leaning a bit towards him while talking.

Also, don’t forget to pay attention to the details to let him know that even the tiny things about him matter to you. This can completely leave him mesmerized and he may even drop some hints if he is into you.

Look Interested-AffectionGuide
Look Interested-AffectionGuide

Finally, Ask Him Out!

Still wondering that how I tell him I love him then we have one final step for you. Now, that you have played all your cards then you can finally proceed towards that final shot. After getting to know him this much, you can figure out that he is single or not.

If he is single then do not leave the opportunity to ask him out. Come on, it’s a different world now and surely girls can ask guys out. Moreover, you cannot find a more obvious and direct approach towards showing him that you like him. If you are seriously interested in him then you shouldn’t miss out on asking him for a date before you miss your chance!

Final Words

This may seem like a lot to do but the gradual process will feel like just another day in your life (only with a little more excitement). Finally, it’s time for you to use social media to your advantage and stop scrolling through those memes. You can surely do that later on!

So, stop wondering how do I tell him I like him and use these hacks mentioned above to go get your guy before another girl swoops in.

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