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The Review of the Ex Factor Guide by Brad Browning

The Review of the Ex Factor Guide by Brad Browning-AffectionGuide
The Review of the Ex Factor Guide by Brad Browning-AffectionGuide


The Ex factor guide is ideal for those who want to get their Ex back. The guide received the following ratings from users:    

Overall rating 8.2

Effectiveness 9.0

Ease of Implementation 8.0

Innovativeness and creativity 7.5

Packaging/ Customer Service 8.0

Value for Money 8.0

The Good

The Guide has its own advantages and attractive characteristics. Below, we will look at them:

  • The ex Factor guide by Brad Browing, teaches you how to respond after a breakup. With this book, you will learn the best way to behave following a breakup and in the process avoid unnecessary breakups and drama that accompany it. That way, you will keep the respect and lay the ground for an amicable solution later.
  • You get advice from one of the best relationship coaches in the world. Brad Browning is a renowned relationship expert and thus, you can trust what he is talking about. With his advice, you can be sure to do the right thing right after a breakup. You should expect Brad Browning to be honest and real in his book – traits that a true friend should have.
  • Entire program has a step-by-step guide on how to rebuild your relationship. Instead of casting blame on you for the failure of your relationship, browning strives to make you happy. This is regardless of whether your relationship gets back on track or not.
  • You get a 60-day money back guarantee. This comes as a guarantee that you will not waste your money should Brad’s ideas not fall within your relationship needs. In this case, you can always get back your money should you find the book not satisfying. You can then invest the money on other tools that will help better your relationship.
  • The author is friendly and supportive. Throughout the ex factor book, Brad makes you feel that he understands your situation. Brad is very honest with his audience. He will let you know the situations where your relationship might not work as you expect while making you feel comforted. This is reassuring given that broken relationships come with an emotional rollercoaster.
  • The book is very motivating. As you continue reading the ex factor book, you get a lot of encouragement and motivation. Right after a breakup, you may feel disheartened, heartbroken and desperate. However, things are set to improve after reading the ex factor guide. This is because the book will make you confident, optimistic and stronger when facing the future. This is regardless of whether you are with your ex or not.
  • Provides actionable advice. Instead of giving theoretical advice, the ex factor provides real life examples that people can use in their lives. The good thing is that the ex factor book guides you through the process.  The author tells you how to do it and gives practical examples and personal experience to help you along the way.
  • The entire book feels like a coaching session. Reading the ex factor guide feels like being in a coaching session with Brad Browning. The entire session feels like you are talking to Brad Browning about your problems and at the same time, he is helping you solve them. This feeling is reassuring especially since it feels lonely right after a breakup.
  • The ex factor guide will also help you avoid mistakes that will turn off your ex completely. Sometimes, you may be so eager to get back with your ex that you make silly mistakes. This should not be the case. Through his book, Brad will teach you how to remain composed as you try to get back with your ex.
  • Ex factor gives you simple-to-follow steps on how to get back with your ex. Brad uses simple but practical steps that anyone can be able to follow in order to re-attract their ex.

The Bad

The ex factor book also comes with its own share of disadvantages. Below, we will look at them:

  • The ideas in the book take time to work. As you try to implement the ideas in the ex factor guide, it is important to realize that winning back your ex is not a walk in the park. This is because the process takes time to implement and there is a need to have patience and time. For the best result, you need to be able to follow this guide to the latter. This is save for the bonus videos and booklets that are too shallow to provide you with any actionable plan.
  • The book does not cover all causes of breakups. In the book, Browning says that most breakups happen because of waning attraction towards one another.  Unfortunately, many people disagree with this idea because the causes of breakup are numerous including mistrust, financial issues, lack of common interests, cheating and many more.
  • Also, the ex factor guide does not promote communication on the root cause of the breakup to sort out existing issues but only focuses on ways of getting back together. However, doing this does not prevent the problem from happening again.
  • There are people who find advice given in the book unethical. In the ex factor book, Brad requires you to lie at times for the plan to work. For instance, he recommends that you date another person to make your ex jealous. This is not only unethical but also unfair for the other person. When that person finds out your plan, he/she may feel used. Also, what happens if they fall in love with you when you are not serious about them?


The ex factor guide is ideal for those who want to get back with their ex as it has all the tips necessary to make this happen. You will find that the program utilizes very aggressive methods to get your ex back.

The ex factor guide book is written by Brad Browning, a relationship expert who has helped hundreds of couples build back their relationships. This guide has helpful tools that enable you to understand your separation and help restore your relationship.

The good thing is that you will lose nothing by purchasing this book. This is because the book comes with a 60-day money back guarantee. With this, you can always get your money back if you are not satisfied with the purchase and instead, invest it on other tools that will help you mend your broken relationship with your loved one.

However, research has shown that very few people ask for a refund after buying the book as most find it very useful and resourceful.


What exactly is the ex factor?

The ex factor is a book that lets you know how you can get back with your ex. It is authored by a renowned relationship expert, Brad Browning who uses his immense knowledge and rich experience in fixing people’s broken relationships to come up with a solution on how to get your ex back after a breakup.

Each couple is unique and there are many reasons why people break up. However, breakup is painful and it can leave you sad and teary for days. Unfortunately, when break-ups happen, most people do irrational things that result in more harm than good. In desperation, these people do desperate things in an attempt to get back with the people they love. Fortunately, Brad Browning outlines the common mistakes that people make after a breakup and how to avoid them.

As we mentioned above, there are many things that can affect a romantic relationship. Some of the biggest are irreconcilable differences and third party interference. You will find that the book looks at such issues to see whether they are worth fighting for or just left in the past. In the guide, you will learn that getting back with your ex is important as it prevents the lost times. Also, you will learn how to build a better relationship while avoiding the mistakes of the past. And where a relationship cannot work, the book will give you ways of moving on and becoming a better person.

The ex factor gives you tips of getting your ex back when they are the ones who ended the relationship. If you follow the instructions well, the book has a success rate of about 90%. However, the book does not tell you whether you should get back with your ex and the gains that you will get from the process.  The book will just teach you how to get back with your ex but it is your sole decision to decide whether you should do it or not.

Although you might want your ex back almost immediately after a break up, it is always wise to be patient and do the right thing. You may be so used to your ex that being without them feels empty. This is normal and almost all of us have felt that at some point in our lives.  Before you make rush decisions, it is important to look into yourself and ask some questions. Is this the right person for me? Do you see a future together? Can we break up in the future because of the same reasons?

If you are convinced that they are the right person in your life, you should proceed and implement the tips that you learn from the ex factor guide.

Tips of getting your ex back-AffectionGuide
Tips of getting your ex back-AffectionGuide

Will the guide work for you?

The main role of the ex factor guide is to guide sad individuals from making bad decisions after breakup.  The book will also prevent you from getting obsessed with getting your ex back. Being desperate to get your ex back can lower your self worth, possibly making your situation worse. No one wants to be with a desperate person. And if everything else that you try on getting back with your ex fails, the book can help you overcome the bad experience and move back on track.

If you want to get back with your ex, this book can be of great help. Browning suggests many ways of getting back with your ex. His advice goes beyond just that as it helps build better and healthier relationships. Also, it is important to note that Browning’s piece of advice is aimed at both men and women. This means that people from both genders can fully benefit from the information contained in the book.

There is no perfect relationship in this world. Most often than not, you will face problems in your relationship and that’s normal. What matters is how both of you are handling the issues. A relationship is a two way traffic where you give and take at the same time. Therefore, it is important for both of you to have positive traits that build a relationship. The good thing is that you will find these traits in the ex factor. Brad discusses all the traits that can make or break a relationship.

If you want to know how your ex is feeling at the moment, the book teaches you how to read their behavior. With Brad Browning ideas, you will be able to know what went wrong and try to fix it.

About the Author

The ex factor is authored by Brad Browning who also happens to be a relationship coach and adviser. Brad has spent over a decade helping couples mend their broken relationship. Through those years, Brad has been studying how relationships work as well as the causes of breakups. He has summarized all his knowledge and experiences in the ex factor as he tries to help one get back with their ex.

Brad Browning is a renowned relationship expert in Vancouver, Canada. He shares his knowledge about breakups and relationship conflict on LoveLearnngs.com. Also, you can watch Brad’s videos about relationship and conflict resolution on his YouTube channel.  His videos, articles and other postings about relationships are respected the world over.

Brad Browning-AffectionGuide
Brad Browning-AffectionGuide

Take away

Breakup is something that happens on a daily basis. At any time, you can find someone going through this unpleasant experience. Love sometimes does not last. But if you are hoping for another chance with your ex, you may borrow a cue from the ex factor. This guide comes with useful information and tips to win your ex back. You may want to try it and see if it works in your specific situation.

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