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How To Be A Better Boyfriend or Mr. Right to Making Your Girlfriend Happy

How To Be A Better Boyfriend or Mr. Right to Making Your Girlfriend Happy-AffectionGuide
How To Be A Better Boyfriend or Mr. Right to Making Your Girlfriend Happy-AffectionGuide

It’s not an easy thing How to Become a Better ‘Boyfriend’ or Making your girlfriend happy. If you do not know how to become a better boyfriend and your girlfriend or woman falls in love then no doubt you felt a whit unable when you want to understand a woman or your girlfriend. But if you want to become too attractive to grab your dreamy girl, you have to do at least two things:

Firstly, you must become that type of man she can respect.
Secondly,It is essential to know how to keep your girlfriend happy in a relationship.

One day you WILL unite your dreamy Queen who occupies everything you have ever desired in a woman. If you find her a high-quality woman, with all you wanted to your dreamy Queen. The Total Package, you are probably only ONE CHANCE to impress her won her heart, and fall her love with you. You keep her interested in you because of living with the memorable moments of that one great girl. If, she left you this feeling can make you disturbing life. It’s sorry to realize that most people know everyone well.

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If you want a better connection with being polite takes calmness and energy because the happiness starts to wear off. If you are bothered that your boyfriend’s capability has been slowing lately, or if you want to learn how to be an even better boyfriend, this article will point you in the right direction!

What is a Good Boyfriend?

If you are a guy who desires to be a better boyfriend or a girl who wants to know if you are guy amasses, keep reading.
  • It is senseless to expect any boyfriend (or girlfriend) to be ideal.
  • But you ought to have standards for what you expect from yourself and your partner.
  • Pick out to be with someone who straightens with the values you have.

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The following ways help you to become a better boyfriend;

1. He is interested in you:

A boyfriend who wants to become more special cares for you all the time. He is always interested in you. He’s not using you for your body. He is giving you fun at the wrath. When you are with her dream girl, you do not have to pretend to be someone she likes who you are.

He is interested in you-AffectionGuide
He is interested in you-AffectionGuide

2. To Love your girlfriend through your actions:

If what you say is true, avoid hurt and broken promises because they will surely break your heart by making you a girlfriend. If you want to become a better boyfriend for your girlfriend, make sure to be practical and have full of confidence.

3. Love your girlfriend the most:

You will reassure her how much you want her and how many times a day you miss her. You will tell her how you remember her in your thoughts and through Facebook messages and many other ways you remember her. And want to see her in front of your eyes all the time.

4. Make your relationship as strong as possible:

Give your girlfriend as much time as possible. Whenever you are with her, she feels a beautiful moment and, she mentioned it later. You should always make sure that whenever you are with your girlfriend. You are not busy with your mobile phone and not any other activities. Whenever you are with your girlfriend, you should be with her all the time. You would be with each other for few hours, but you realize that you are spending all your time with your girlfriend and not with anyone else in the thoughts.

5. Loving her friends and family:

You have a good relationship with your girlfriend’s family and friends. Always respect your girlfriend’s family. And you should always treat them well without jealousy so that they like you. Loves means that you share in the joys and sorrows of her friends and family. The closer you get to her family and friend, the closer she will be to you and love you.

Loving her friends and family-AffectionGuide
Loving her friends and family-AffectionGuide

6. Introduce your girlfriend to your family and friends:

To bring her into the confidence. You have to tell her how happy you are with her and want to be her forever. Your only happiness is in being with her. It will also make your girlfriend realize how serious you are about her and that you are the person with whom she can spend the best of her life

7. You always stand with her in the bad of time your girlfriend:

Whenever your girlfriend goes through a difficult time, you always stand by her and give her this consolation. All will be well. Don’t worry. You are always with her.

8. Make your relationship strong:

The more you strengthen your relationship, proving to be beneficial for you because girls are sensitive about their relationship. One of the things you can do to improve your life is to tell your girlfriend how much time you spent with her is the best time forever. To strengthen your relationship, feel that feeling that when she was first to meet with you, how was your life shining.

9. Do not deceive her:

The most important thing is that you are sincere with your girlfriend and never deceive her.

  • Always show honor to your girlfriend:
  • Always respect your girlfriend because what she likes is to respect her.
  • Never take advantage of her weakness or kindness

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10. Always put your positive effect:

As you all heard the one has to be famous saying, the first impression is the last,means always puts your positive effect. Whenever you are with your girlfriend, she should feel comfortable with you.

11. You have to trust her:

The most important thing is that you trust your girlfriend and make her realize that you are a good and carrying boyfriend. If your girlfriend shares anything with you, you should have fulls confidence in her. Appreciate your girlfriend as much as you can so that she can feel special and feel how much you like her.

12. You have to be romantic with your girlfriend:

Mostly girls like the guys who make them feel special and spend as much time with them as possible. The more romantics you are with your girlfriend, the more she will be attracted to you. Most girls like romantic boys.

You have to be romantic with your girlfriend-AffectionGuide
You have to be romantic with your girlfriend-AffectionGuide

13. Tribute her body:

You need to admire her your girlfriend’s body, which means you will tell her what you like most about her. Tell her that every time you see her sweetheart with those shining eyes, you sink into a deep sea. In the same way, you admire her hair, how lovely these long curly hairs look because most girls are so sensitive about their beauty. If you compliment them like this, they will be more attractive.

14. Set up sex with your girlfriend:

Whenever we talk about a relationship, the first thing that comes to our mind is sex. To establish sex you will have to spend more time with her and it will have to be more specialized so that she is more attracted to you. You can never sexually force her as long as she. If she can’t have sex with you, you have to give her some time so that she can have sex with you without any hesitation.

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