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Is He In Love With Me?

Is he in love with me-AffectionGuide

Love seems to be a simple word consisted of just four letters. But this simple word covers a wide range of human feelings such as happiness, sorrow, pain, loss, breakup, sex, etc. In the biological aspect, love is a feeling that arises in someone’s brain due to hormonal actions. Apart from that, spiritually, love can be defined as a feeling that rises in someone’s mind about someone. But no one knows the exact reason for that. It may be hormones, friendship, or something else.

As stated above, love is a complex thing made up of a mixture of human feelings. So, it can create various challenges and dilemmas within your love without a limit. Infidelity and Intimacy are the most common issues that love gifts you, finally leading you towards the doubt, “Is he in love with me?”

No one can argue about the sensitivity of any gender during a love. Somecan tell men are more sensitive well as some can tell women are more. In reality, both are with a similar sensitivity. But dilemmas are common to women mostly than to men. The main reason for this is because men don’t show their feelings much. That leads women to deal with the dilemma “Is he in love with me?”. What you should understand first is that. So, the first thing you have to do is be patient! Because your impatience will miss you a lot of his signs that imply his love for you.

Here are the most common such gestures, which maybe you have noticed but didn’t care about and might neglect once,

  1. His eyes catch your eyes: eyes are the best signaling devices in an affair.
  2. He tries to contact you randomly
  3. He waits till your arrival
  4. He needs to stick closer to you
  5. His facial feelings and body posture may change when he sees you
  6. If you two are much closer, he may discuss the future with you
His eyes catch your eyes-AffectionGuide
His eyes catch your eyes-AffectionGuide

Did it make any sense? Mostly you may. These simple observations tell much about his love for you. The best feeling you may experience is to feel like his heartbeat matches your heartbeat. If you perceive so, that’s the answer to your dilemma.

If we go beyond this, some other reasons lead women to have a question “is he in love with me?”. Here they are not specified only towards a fiancée, even a married woman to deal with these,

  1. You feel he is not caring about you
  2. Feel like he is rude to you
  3. Sense like he is trying to avoid you
  4. You may notice he is not in a pure world

In reality, these are the most common reasons for a woman to be pulled into that so-called dilemma. But impatience plays a key role here. These can be happened due to the following two reasons,

  1. He might be tired of his works or stressed
  2. You are with much infidelity in your mind
Control your mind observe your love-AffectionGuide
Control your mind observe your love-AffectionGuide

The cure for this is your impatience. Control your mind observe your love, talk with him gently, share his thoughts and troubles with yourself, and finally,  would be able to see the answer to your dilemma.

That is why it’s to be said love is hard. Impatience and dedication are the key roles in successful love. It’s hard to dedicate time in such a busy world, but you should remember “nothing comes for free.”  If you too face “is he in love with me?”, think a little bit, be patient, dedicate your time. You will get a happy ending then.

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