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Signs You Will Never Get Married

Signs You Will Never Get Married-AffectionGuide
Signs You Will Never Get Married-AffectionGuide

Are you still single engrossed in your laptop working while all your friends have been getting married? Do you see everyone around you having children while here you are struggling to wake up in the morning? Are you in the movie hall squeezed between two pairs of a couple?

Marriage can be a dream for some while for others it is like an occasion that they plan it ever since their childhood. Everyone has some or other thoughts about their marriage. But some have other plans than marriage. They do not want to concern themselves with marriage.

These are some of the signs that indicate that you are not the “marriage” type of person and you aren’t getting married anytime soon.


Some people do not believe in the concept or the institution of marriage, while for some this might be a mere legal agreement that makes the couple stay together for life. Such people do not believe in the idea of being together with the same person for the entire life. Such people fail to understand its essence and normalize the act.

There might be others of such categories who might simply be against the idea of marriage because of the related traditions and customs that follow it. It might seem as illogical for them and they as well might question the relevance of such practices.


The term gamophobia indicates the fear of marriage or the fear of commitment. Such a fear can be caused due to various reasons such as personal experience, bad family history, mental illness, and others. These types of fear shall not only make you feel hatred towards the idea of marriage but in certain circumstances might cause you panic attacks, weakness, anxiety, stress, sweating and this calls for therapy and treatment.


This can be caused depending upon the surrounding, upbringing, or any type of trauma. Children witnessing a failed relationship between their parents also grow up to have gamophobia.

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Generally, people do marry because they fear solitude and they want a partner to spend their time and attach with them emotionally and physically. But this shall not apply in cases of people who love being alone or feel that they are self-sufficient.

If you have a perfectly satisfying life where you love the way you enjoy your freedom, then you start to hate the idea of sharing your space with anyone. You also hate the idea of adjustment and any interference in your schedule. It just gives them a wholesome feeling to be alone and they do not ever crave the need of anyone else in their life. They are self-sufficient emotionally.


It might be because you have never experienced love and hence, you do not want to just settle with anyone you do not love or who is arranged by your family and relatives.

You either have been on a lot of dates or in relationships but you still haven’t hit the feel of love. There never has been any chemistry or any spark between you and you thus, might it boring to get locked up with any random person who you do not even love.

You might believe that for a lifelong commitment like a marriage you need to have love between each other.

And thus, here goes your chase for love.


Freedom can be an utmost thing that we would need everywhere and the extent of it varies. Certain people hate marrying because they just are not in a position to compromise with their freedom. They love to enjoy their life the way they want without any obligation and restriction. They do not want anyone interfering in the way they live or in their freedom.


Further, they get to live their life in their terms and conditions and do not want to bother themselves about how their freedom shall hamper or impact their partner’s life.


Well, you have your own kind of types in men or women. Thus, this makes you a picky type and you keep on rejecting people. You haven’t yet come to find your ideal type.

This might be because you have imagined someone out of the world by reading a lot of Novels and raising your standards. Nonetheless, your search for the ideal type still continues.

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You are kind of sceptical about people, as you have trust issues. This can be because of past heartbreaks or break-ups or cheating or any other reasons. You might as well not be able to allow people into your life because of witnessing a lot of heart failures in your circle.

This makes it difficult for you to give any chance to anyone. You do not want to invest yourself in a relationship fearing heartbreaks in the future. You overthink about the worst scenarios that might go wrong in your relationships.


Maturity is essential for the sustenance of a marriage. Let you be either 21 or 41, your age isn’t a consideration for marriage. It also depends upon your behaviour as to how mature you act. A mature partner in a relationship is understanding and would try to sympathise and empathise with their partners. They would be emotionally available to them and would also give them their own space. You would not get annoyed in small little matters.

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While people fall in love and get married and dream of spending their life with each other, there you are engrossed in your laptop typing out emails or preparing for your next meeting. And you aren’t even bothered that your friends are getting married and have started having a family of their own. You are just oblivious to any kind of changes that happen related to love and marriage.


This is because you are already married to your career. You are solely concerned about your work life and are bothered about progressing in your life. You do not want to waste your time in relationships and marriage and rather want to make productive use of the same.


You are not the romantic, cheesy types rather you totally despise the idea of love. You do not believe in true love in any sense. You are very much practical in nature and do not believe in romance, soul-mates, or marriage. Although you can care and love people, finding love in one person might just be humour for you.

If you face of any these issues, then you know it is a sign that you aren’t getting married.

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