Ahem Ahem.

Feeling butterflies in your stomach every time your eyes meet his? Does your heart race when he enters the room? Do you get excited every time you receive a text from him?

If this sounds familiar to you, you are in trouble. Chances are that you like him, and congratulations! Admitting it to yourself is a huge achievement in itself.

(Psst! If you still can’t admit it, take your time and access your feelings. Trust me, you wouldn’t want to be unsure about your feelings when it comes to confessing your likeness for someone.)

However, that’s not the troubling part. The difficulty arises when you wish for him to know that you like him (and reciprocate the feeling, of course!) and he seems to be the only person who doesn’t get it.

I know how miserable it is.

I know how relatable it is.

I know how difficult it is.

But do you know that there are more than 101 ways to tell him you like him! Yes, that’s right. 101 freaking ways! Yet, these ways are pretty useless.

These involve a lot of spontaneity and impracticality. For instance, you can put up a big banner in front of his house declaring that you like him or like his Facebook post from 2011 at 2 AM and he will instantly know that. But will that make him like you too? Most probably not.

You need practical and subtle approaches that not only let him know that you like him but also make sure that the feeling is mutual. Remember, you need to be honest when it comes to confessions.

Make sure you are certain about him and have a slight idea about his feelings i.e. if there’s anyone who he likes or if he is interested in you at all. (You can’t be sure but try to not keep surprises for later. Do your research!)

After you reach a point of confidence, i.e. when you don’t care about how he reacts or are somehow a fair idea on how he will react, it is now time to get in the game and tell him that you like him. Don’t worry, with these 7 impactful ways, we have got your back!

Be unapologetically your confident self

Yes. That’s right. You can let a guy know that you like him by simply walking up to him and confessing it yourself. I know, this isn’t easy. But let me reveal a big secret to you – Men are simple creatures! Men like simple, straightforward approaches.

You already knew that, didn’t you? Still, let me explain it to you. A confident person is instantly five times more attractive. When you approach the person you like confidently and straight away confesses to him about your likeness, you save both him and yourself from a lot of drama. If you are friends with this person or know him enough, then approaching him straight away could get the stars in your favour.

Now no matter what his reaction is, your image will remain in his head forever. That’s always a win for you, right?

Show interest in things he loves-AffectionGuide
Show interest in things he loves-AffectionGuide

Show interest in things he loves

Actions speak louder than words. Knowing that, understand that it is important to SHOW him that you like him just as much as it is to straight away tell him. The easiest way to do that is to be interested in things he is passionate about, enjoys and loves.

Now mind you, showing interest doesn’t mean faking interest. Be keen about his likings, learn about them and be genuinely interested in them.

By doing this, you will have a lot to talk to him about. This will ultimately bring you closer to him and eventually will make him aware of your likeness towards him (which he might as well reciprocate now).

Remember, you do not have to force yourself into liking something. By simply talking about it or sharing your opinions can also make you both understand each other better.

Have frequent meaningful conversations with him

Communication is the key to healthy relationships. If you like this guy and want him to know that and like you back, the best way is to get to know him better. Talking to him on daily basis will make you a part of his day and create an aura of trust between you.

I know what you are wondering. “What do I talk to him about?” Well, that’s pretty simple. You talk to him about anything and everything, as long as that is not gossip and has some meaning in it. Talk about your day, ask about his, share your favourite hobbies, talk about his experiences. Be curious about his stories. This will not only make you get to know him better, but it will also show that you are genuinely interested in him and not just in a shallow meaningless way. Remember, good conversations go a long way!

Compliment him

Generally, we tend to forget that guys like to be complimented as well. Our thoughts are still veiled with the stereotypical ways of approaching a guy while being shy and timid.

Let me be honest, the chances are scarce that you being shy would ever work in your favour. If you like something about your crush, tell him. Compliment him for his talents, be honest about what you like about him. Yes. Even to him.

Who doesn’t like being complimented? This will not only make him happy but it would also show that you are confident enough to tell him that you like something about him. However, be honest in your compliments. Only praise him when you are genuinely impressed by him. Make sure you don’t overdo the entire complimenting process.

Be subtle and honest and you will be good to go!

Get over the usual texting stuff and do something thoughtful

Texting and chatting are all great but cliché. People talk over texts all the time now, sometimes to multiple people at the same time!

Know that you don’t want to be just another person in the crowd who he talks to. You need to stand out and make him aware that you like him. And thus, you need to get your game-high and do something thoughtful for him!

But what could be done, you ask? Well, it could be as simple as writing him a letter or sending him a sweet voice note. Always remember that you need to have an impact on him, make him see you differently and remember you. For that, these little gestures can be game-changers!

Now you might be wondering what to write in letters or say in voice notes? It could be anything written with sincerity. If you want to compliment him, write it. If you remember something pleasant about him, write it. If you borrow his book and are going to return it, add a sweet handwritten note.

Make him know that he is special through your efforts and trust me, don’t fit into a box. Rather, create a new box if needed!

Smile, make eye contact, be warm-AffectionGuide
Smile, make eye contact, be warm-AffectionGuide

Smile, make eye contact, be warm

A smile has a ripple effect on everyone’s heart. When you smile at someone, they are instantly a bit more comfortable with you. When you are with the boy you like, make sure you don’t end up sitting with a poker face. Be warm and welcoming. Smile at him frequently, be kind and understanding.

When you talk to him in person, make eye contact. Nod when he speaks, let him know that you care about everything that he’s telling you and are interested in it.

If necessary, open up to him as well. He is special to you and you should make him feel that. Make him feel appreciated and understood. Your smile can do wonders. Do not fake it.

Be your authentic self and trust your gut

Sometimes things work in our favour, sometimes they don’t. That is completely normal. But just to achieve something, never compromise on your true self.

Tips and tricks work differently for people. So instead of blindly following it, do what you are comfortable with. Do what YOU feel right.

Gut feelings are often always the right thing to look for. If you feel that you are ready to send him letters, do it. If not, think of something else.

Boys will come and go but being harsh on yourself will not do you any good. Remember, you are your one true love. Take care of yourself, do what you feel right and be open to all consequences.


Telling a guy that you like him can be a tricky thing, but not as hard as it is thought to be. Just be prepared for the consequences. If his response is positive, that’s great! You both are in the same boat now and can think of the next step. If his response is negative, that’s great too! How? Well, you now know that he is not interested and you can stop wasting your time and go on with life in peace.I know it would be awful to have someone not like you back, but hey! That’s not the end of the world.You have spring(s) ahead of you, don’t let one autumn affect you.

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