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Which Personality Trait Were You In Your Past Life?

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It is a known fact that everyone has multiple personalities, and it changes with time. For example, when you are in love, you do silly things and behave differently from the normal person. Similarly in some situations you can be emotional and sentimental or over-excited or angry. This indicates that our various personalities change as per the time and situation we are in; however, we do not know what we were before! To get an idea of who were we before this life… take a personality quiz now!


What personality do you think you have in your past life?

What are your thoughts on reincarnation?

In your present life, you are a

Which of these famous people do you think you were in a past life?

If you could be any person in history, who would it be?

Based on your personality, which past life were you in?

What is your personality trait in this life?

If you were a different personality trait in your past life, what would it be?

Which of the following personality traits do you identify with and why?

Describe yourself

Which Personality Trait Were You In Your Past Life?
You were a Hypnotist in your past life. You helped people to get rid of their fear, and you were successful in helping others. You had a very keen ability for logic and reasoning. You share this personality trait with celebrities like Ricky Gervais, Queen Latifah, and Mariah Carey.
Supporting Actor
You were a supporting actor in Hollywood in your previous life. You was a popular sitcom character, who was quite famous and were even remembered by the people who didn't watch your show. You used to play a humorous yet mischievous small role in some big films of that time as well. But unfortunately you died in an accident.
Dance bar Girl
You were a dance bar girl in your previous life. You made your riches by selling your bodies and entertained the rich people, artists, politicians, sportsmen, and kings. You had a very short life in your past life because you were murdered or you committed suicide due to some disappointment.
Adult Movie Actor
You were an adult movie actor. You liked to have fun and were always down with a party. Learning was never your thing, but you often went to parties which allowed you to socialize more than anyone else in your group. You could be found mostly on the couch or bed, and sometimes other places too! Although it looks like you were lazy, you were actually just comfortable doing what makes you happy and that is watching movies all day long! How did I know? You probably guessed it already. It's because of your present personality which is the result of a collection of different traits from your past lives combined together that form who we are today. This might sound strange at first but do not throw this off as bunkum just yet; there is scientific evidence for reincarnation.

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