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Make Him Fall in Love with You in 23 Easy Steps

Make Him Fall in Love-AffectionGuide
Make Him Fall in Love-AffectionGuide

They say that human beings need love to live happily. Love is two-way traffic in that; as much as you would like to fall in love with someone, they must reciprocate the love. Unfortunately, the latter is not easy to achieve. This is because you may fall in love with someone only to realize that they do not love you back. To make things worse, the person may already be in love with another person. This may end in heartbreak since things are not going as expected. Although you cannot force love, there are some things that you can do to encourage the other person to love you back.

Ladies have more challenges than guys when it comes to love matters. This is especially since nature has put it that men should chase after women. However, if you love a certain guy but he is not showing interest as per your expectations, there are some techniques that you can employ to ensure that he falls in love with you. The good thing is that these are the things that most women are good at.  When you are trying to make a guy fall for you, it is imperative to note that subtleness doesn’t always work but on the other hand, don’t overdo things. Just be natural and everything will fall into place.

It is not a hard thing to do……

If you have been wondering how to make your crush fall in love with you, the process may not that hard after all. the tips that we are going to share below neither involve getting to know him so much nor spending a lot of time with him. If you have feelings for a certain man but seem not to be feeling the same way about you, do not feel dejected. Instead, just employ the right tips, do your best and nature will take its course. The results may surprise you.

be-nice-to-him-at-all-tiBe nice to him all times-AffectionGuidemes-AffectionGuide
Be nice to him all times-AffectionGuide

1. Be nice to him at all times

One of the main turnoffs that many men find on a woman they are eyeing is when they are cold and gloomy most of the time. Such a woman will not smile at him and is not lively to be with. The good thing is that you can break free from this trend. men want to be with someone who smiles all the time, is fun to be with, has a high level of confidence, and is always in a good mood. if you want him to fall in love with you, you need to smile and have the right attitude every time you are around him as it will make him get attracted to you.

2. Do not be too accommodating

Men do not like a woman who is too much in a hurry to be in a relationship. Likewise, they do not like someone who is too anxious in a relationship. Also, men tend to keep their friends even when they are in a relationship. Unfortunately, the same is not true for women because they start to distance themselves from friends as soon as they begin dating. If you want a man to love you, you must show him that you are an independent woman who has a life to live. Show him that life can continue whether he is there or not.

3. Dress smartly all the time

With this tip, we do not mean that you should overhaul your looks just to make him fall in love with you. What we mean is that you should always look your best. Just make sure that your hair is neat, your face is well made, and that you are wearing a nice outfit every time you are going to meet with him.

Both men and women care about the looks of their partners even when they have been in a relationship for some time. Therefore, it’s always advisable to look good when you are around that man.

Give him a listening ear-AffectionGuide
Give him a listening ear-AffectionGuide

4. Give him a listening ear

Another important tip that can help you win that man’s heart is giving him a listening ear. We know that everyone likes to be heard no matter what they are saying and this should not be different when it comes to him. Just listen to what he is saying – whether is he is talking about himself, business, or life in general. When you understand his point of view, you can then give an informed opinion on the same issues.

By listening to him, it will not only show how interested you are in him but also get an opportunity to learn about the things he loves or hates. And by learning more about him, you will be able to identify other ways to get him to like you. Listening is usually the first thing in this. It is also through listening that you will learn about the topics to talk to him about.

5. Surprises works with men

Men enjoy being surprised by wives and girlfriends. As a result, you can work on surprises that will sweep him off his feet. For example, you can arrange for a candlelight dinner, dress well for him, and make the occasion enjoyable. You should remember to bring him some romantic gifts as well. If you are already going out, such gestures will make him fall in love with you even more. However, it is important to note that romantic dinners and gifts are not for an acquaintance but for a person you’re already dating.

Another feasible idea is to stick lovely messages at different places. This can be very exciting not only because he will not be expecting them but also since he will get an opportunity to learn about what you feel about him.

6. Smile and laugh a lot when around him

Nobody wants to be around a dull person. As a result, you should always show your sense of humor when around him. Men want to be around women who make them laugh. This is especially important when you want to make them fall in love with you. However, it is important to note that you should not only laugh at yourself but also do and say things that make him laugh as well. Being humorous will improve the quality of time that you spend together.

7. Show him how compatible you two are

If you want a man to fall in love with you, it is important to point out how similar the two of you are. If both of you love dancing, make a point of reminding him about it. Similarly, if you both love music, ensure he realizes that it is something that both of you have in common.

When it comes to a relationship, similarities are very important. Therefore, bringing this up with him can do a lot of good for your relationship. However, you should avoid faking interest in something that you know he likes as that can end up badly. Simply find something that both of you like and bring it to his attention.

Tell him about your uniqueness-AffectionGuide
Tell him about your uniqueness-AffectionGuide

8. Tell him about your uniqueness

Everyone has their specialties and if you have an area of expertise that you are good at, you should point it out to him. For example, if you are a great swimmer, invite him for a swimming session and show those great skills. Similarly, if you are a great cook, you can invite him for dinner and prove your cooking skills.

If you are talented in sports, you can invite him to attend a game. And if he is physically fit, you can invite him for a session at the gym. The best way to let him know about your special talent is to not only tell him about it but also show him with actions. Outlining your specialties will make him learn how a good catch you are.

9. Aim to be different from other women

Men usually have a mindset that creates stereotypes of women. They think that all the women are the same and thus, behave in a predetermined manner. Therefore, if you want a guy to fall in love with you, you need to prove that you are different from the other women. Prove to him that you are interested in more than just shoes and makeup.

To rank high on his mind, you need to show him that you are an independent woman who has a wide of interests in life. However, it is advisable not to cheat on this but find things that make you different from other women and make the most out of it. just make your strong points stand out whenever you are around him.

10. Earn his trust

If you want to have a good relationship with a man, there must be honesty. Therefore, it is advisable to earn his trust in both your relationship and the other plans that you have for the future. The process of building trust begins with being real. Like we said before, this is another reason why you should not fake your personality. For a man to fall in love with you, he must see that you are honest and trustworthy. Without this, he will never get attracted to you. Therefore, you have to start earning trust right from the beginning of the relationship and build on it as you go along.

11. Sacrifice for him

It is always a good idea to do good things for others while expecting nothing in return. Doing something small for him may mean a lot even if you are not benefiting in any way. Little gestures such as running errands for him when he is tied at work, taking care of him while sick, and helping to sort out his issues can go a long way in making him fall in love with you. The fact that you are sacrificing your time, money, and energy in doing things that concern him will surely touch his heart.

12. Complement him whenever possible

Most men love to be praised. Therefore, it is no surprise that when you give a lot of compliments and praises to a man, he is going to respond in a good way. Giving him compliments shows that you recognize his accomplishments. This applies to even the small things that he does in the house. For example, you should compliment him for fixing an appliance, tilling the garden, fixing a broken lock, or even changing the oil in the car. Always make sure that you recognize his abilities and appreciate him for that.

13. Be patient

You need to realize that making a guy fall in love with you is not an instant thing.  The process might take some time and thus, it is advisable to be very patient. Making a guy fall in love with you may take months and sometimes, years. Therefore, you should not lose your patience in the process. If you are doubtful about whether he will ever fall in love with you, do not show it. Just keep the faith and be consistent on how you treat him and things might finally happen.

14. Never attempt to change him

Most men hate women who want to change who they are. Everyone has unique characters and it is important to realize that your man is special. If you like him, just accept all his characters the way they are. However, if you find that they are too gross, you can stop pursuing him altogether, instead of thinking of how to change him. If you find that a man likes gambling so much and it pisses you off but does not affect your relationship, let it pass.

15. Have quality conversations with him

Although men generally like beautiful women, they are normally attracted to the ones with a high level of intelligence. When having conversations with him, try to cover different topics. Show him that you are not all about beauty but brains too. This will show your potential boyfriend that you can hold an intelligent conversation anytime he likes.

16. Use little ways to show that you are thinking about him

You can never guess how the little things that you do may go a long way in building your relationship. For example, you can send him a text occasionally to show that you are thinking of him. Alternatively, you can send him a greetings card over email to show that you care. You can also be more creative and attach a note under his windshield wipers telling him that you are thinking of him. All these little deeds will not go to waste but make him like you more.

17. Never give up

When trying to get a guy to like you, it is advisable not to lose hope. Giving up can is a terrible thing not only in trying to win a guy but also in many other things that you do in your life. As you implement the tips that we have shared in this post, it is advisable to remain positive that things will turn out alright. However, you need to realize that all these endeavors can only result in two definite results: the guy might either fall in love with you or reject your advances.

If you have been trying to win his heart for a while now but nothing is forthcoming, you should not lose hope but keep your hopes up. Remember that he is human and has feelings like you. He may only be playing hard to get but deep down, he has no control over his heart. He may also be interested in you but not showing. Just keep the hope up and wait to discover what it is.

It is also important to prepare for any eventuality. If this guy is not the right one for you, another one will come. So, don’t give up!

18. Be yourself

As you try to win his heart, it is important to be yourself in both your character and personality. Unfortunately, many women try to be different when dating a man in an attempt to fit into the image of the woman of his dreams.

By trying to be someone else, you are admitting that you are uncomfortable with whom you are. Surprisingly, many men can detect this and thus become disinterested in you.

You might be able to keep your fake character for weeks or months but sooner or later, you will get tired of maintaining a fake personality. When a man notices your fake personality, he ceases to trust you and there is no way that you can win it back.

If you want to create a long-lasting relationship, you need to start on a platform of honesty. Therefore, begin by being yourself first.

19. Ooze confidence

If you have to make a guy likes you, you have to start by liking yourself too. You are a great person with an impressive character; you need to see yourself on a positive note. Therefore, be confident that you are worth being loved.

If you have confidence, the man will see that you know yourself and are sure of what you want. Also, confidence will enable you to approach him without any fear.  One of the most effective ways of building confidence is by engaging in fun activities together.

20. Show your value in the relationship

A man can differentiate between a girl who wants something from him and the one who cares about him. Therefore, if you want your relationship to last, you need to show the value that you are putting on the table.

Some girls are after material things and money. You have to be different from these girls and show that you are more interested in his love and not material things.

21. Allow him to chase after you

If you keep on chasing after a man for months but he is not reciprocating the action, you will appear like a desperate woman. Therefore, don’t be available for him at all times as this is likely to not only bore him but also diminish his interest in you.

You need to give the man time to miss you. With this, he will start chasing after you. What you just need to do is to catch his eye and attention and after that, let him work hard to get you. Allow the man to miss you when you are not around and as soon as he notices that he is in love with you, he will do something to get you.

Appreciate and understand what he does-AffectionGuide
Appreciate and understand what he does-AffectionGuide

22. Appreciate and understand what he does

This is an important tip in making a man fall in love with you. You need to understand what he does and be willing to offer any help that you can. By doing this, he will notice that you are interested in what he does and are ready to help him accomplish the task. Once he sees that you are keenly interested in his projects he will know that you can be a good partner.

23. Don’t push him to make decisions

the last but not least tip that you should have when trying to make a man fall in love with you is to avoid pushing him into making rash decisions. As you try to win him over, don’t rush him to fall in love quickly or respond to your advances quickly. This is because many men will take time before making decisions on whether to fall in love with you or not.

Instead of agitating the man, just wait and see if things fall in place. If he likes you, he will respond accordingly. However, don’t pressure him to decide whether he likes you or not.


We hope that the above points will help make a man fall in love with you. However, you have to remember that the things that make a man fall in love with you are the same that makes other relationships work. These qualities include honesty, genuineness, a sense of humor, and self-confidence. The idea is to make him see that you are a good catch and leave the rest to him.

It is also important to know that making him fall in love with you will take time. You just need to know what you are doing and be consistent. Keep these tips for they will not only help make him fall in love with you but also in building the relationship.

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