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Are My Parents Toxic Quiz

Are My Parents Toxic Quiz-AffectionGuide
Are My Parents Toxic Quiz-AffectionGuide

Have you lately been wondering “Is My Mom Toxic” then this Toxic Parents Quiz is for you. Dealing with parents who are a little overprotective could seem like a barrier in your life when you are growing up and trying to be more independent. You know they love you and want what is best for you, but it also could start to feel somewhat suffocating. There is a fine line between being protective and being controlling, and if you have controlling parents, the situation could be much worse. It could leave you completely helpless and feel like you have a lack of autonomy in your life. Do you have parents that are too controlling? Take this Parental Emotional Abuse Test and find out.


Do you ever feel like you can never do anything right and that what you want or feel doesn’t matter to your parents?

Do your parents use physical means such as slapping, pushing, punching, etc., as a form of punishment?

Do you feel like you are allowed to be independent?

Do your parents demand 100% obedience from you and for you to be on your best behavior at all times?

Do you struggle academically with getting good grades?

Do your parents often make you feel guilty or ashamed when you have done something wrong?

Do your parents ever talk negatively to you or put you down?

Are My Parents Toxic Quiz
Your Parents Just Care About You And Want What Is Best For You

It might seem annoying to you that your parents are always in your business, and it seems like they are constantly calling to check in with you and make sure you are okay when you are out with your friends, but it is only because they care about you. It is hard for a parent to realize when it is time to let go, but no matter how old you get, they are always going to want to make sure you are okay, and you are doing well, even when you are an adult. Cut them a little slack; they are just trying to be good parents!
Your Parents Are Externally Controlling

By having parents who are externally controlling, they usually use physical means to control children. This may take the form of hitting, punching, slapping, pushing, and using other physical means to conform to their rules and regulations. These parents tend to be very strict and attempt to use fear as a way to control the behavior of their children, and unfortunately, this type of parenting is way more harmful than it is beneficial to children. You may seek the help of a professional to learn how to cope with this controlling behavior.

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