Have you ever dreamed like you are dancing in front of everyone when you hear your favorite pop song? In our dreams, we are always Beyonce or Michael Jackson. Though at least we haven’t kept our foot twisted in our childhood, we are the best dancers in our imagination. Sometimes people may run away if you sing. But as said, we are the stars! But the most difficult part of our beautiful imagination life is nothing but our reality.

We always wonder while watching inception if we can get into other’s dreams. Maybe some will says ‘oh that sounds good we can sleep that much time!’ Just Imagine a fantasy comes true What if you get a chance to propose your favorite film star? And if they say yes! Suddenly realizing it’s only a chance not real. You see your mind flew away; you and your love were at the Himalayas with the favorite background play. What if one day the Lord appears in front of you to fulfill your dream? Most of us will say we need to be the richest man in the world.

Early in the histories lord will always appear but why not now. The only reason is that we ask to make us rich. Lord is confused about whom he has to make rich. So it’s better not to be here in front of anyone. People will always pray for a luxurious life not for thanking a day for this beautiful life on this planet. Society will always accept the one who is having thousand dollar shoes and ten thousand dollars wearing. And this is where we are We are getting bored in all these office kinds of stuff.

If someone asks how is your life going? Probably you would say that your head is almost eaten by your managers.

Humans are naughty-AffectionGuide
Humans are naughty-AffectionGuide

Of course! You are the coolest person at your office but the most impatient at your home. We are always busy in our dayto-day routine. Waking up with a cup of coffee and thinking about your last-day reports. And yes, some who is reading this. And you finally dress up with all the positives you have.

For relief, you may book your ticket to Thailand for a nice cool air. We are always worried about our past. Some of us may think if we had a time traveler, we can delete a few and replace them with others. Hey man, only your past is gone. You have got the entire future to ruin off. Even the grandpa whose visa is almost over may think to change his wife so that we the unmanageable won’t be in this world.

Oh! Why should we talk about grandpa even we also think what the damn mind I had to go after her? And then you look at your child’s face with a pathetic depressing mind. You can never rub away what you have done. Ever thought about your name meaning? People in South India are quite famous for their names. A person whose name is Prasanth means the one who is always patient, will always throw his entire house because he is missing his pen!

Another one whose name is Vrinda, according to the Hindu mythology, Vrinda is a lady who always worships her husband and refuses to face other men in her life. But here Vrinda has got five kids. Three from Ramesh and two from Ali. It’s not about South India, If we take the entire country a lot of people we can take whose name means no points in their life. It’s not our fault because our parents gave our name. Again it’s not their fault because we chose to be like this. We humans are naughty There are a few categories that always peep into someone’s phone while we are on a bus or into a public place. Hey, stop! You are thinking you are also the one right. Yes, bro, we are under the same shade. We may think oh he is cheating on his wife.

But forgot to think about our last chat with the beauty on tinder. It’s hard to accept our fault but we are always a detective in someone’s life. As you can see in the church, temple, or mosque we are always concerned about what people wear, how they walk, finding a fault in their way of prayers. When a lady wears a black dress in the holly place, the mini person in our mind will start to shout within ourselves ‘so pitty does she don’t know what to wear! Poor!’.

God has created us with brains to think all the stupidity. What if one day we die! And finally, what will you do when you die? The question is strange. If we die, what we can do. Hey nothing but we are buried. Or our body may decay. Ever wondered if there is a life after death. Oh! No. Already suffered a lot when lived. Can’t afford a bit after death. It’s like killing a person after giving dairy milk.

God has created us with brains-AffectionGuide
God has created us with brains-AffectionGuide

Again is there any hell or heaven? Yes sure, there is a main counter. When you go there you will be asked to show your identity card. After verification, the person with good karma is sent over to heaven. A person with bad karma will be sent over to hell. A person with ultimate bad karma will be again sent over to earth. That’s why we are born again! On the counter, no recommendation letter will be accepted. Also, there is no reservation. This is the only counter where you can see ‘equity’. The smartest among all Whatever be, we are human beings.

The one who can think all the good things, all the rubbish. We are great when compared with other species on this planet. No one of us ever wants to be lived like a dog or a lion. We have our imperfections yet we are just cute, the blessed, the talented, the creative, and everything. We are the reason for our past, our present, and of course the ruiner of our future. All we love to live in our style but one thing put a little humanity in your pocket. One day we all will understand that the greatest pounds you can have is humanity.

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