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Loving God

Loving God-AffectionGuide
Loving God-AffectionGuide

A very fascinating element is to know that there is superiority over living and non-living and also is ardent to us. If I say that it is God! Do you agree? Yes? 

God is confidence, God is peace, God is a belief, God is genuine in this sham world. Do you love God? Loving God means believing in him, getting close to him by remembering him. God is a direction that gets us out of an unfortunate, bad situation.

Why should you love God?

The first thing you do when you face difficulty is…? Yes, you get in touch with God. Right? God is there when no one is there for you. God is righteous. Loving God is a habit that we humans are practicing since birth.

God always aspires to remember him in both happiness and sorrows. We are all the children of our God and him being the creator of us.

Loving God brings you peace, confidence, and also happiness. 

Loving God brings you peace-AffectionGuide
Loving God brings you peace-AffectionGuide

Loving God means not only praying but also performing all the good habits that God taught to do so.

Praising God, reading the holy books, visiting the places of worship also helps us to understand what God is.

Follow the steps given below, if you want to be the generous child of God:

  • Trust God

Trust is the main character that you need to build to love God. Be faithful towards God, he knows everything. Instead of trusting the fake people, give a chance to God. God will never let you down.

  • Remember God in every aspect

Remembering God makes a great deal in the matter of loving God. God always wants us to include him on our day-to-day basis, in the form of prayers, reading holy books also will make us know what God is.

  • Do what God advised us to do

God always advised us to do good things. God always wants us to help the needy, be truthful, never hurt anyone around us, behave positively, never mind the hatred, etc.

God is our creator and we are his beautiful creation. Just remember that you have been created by God because he loves you and we must obey him and love him as well. In living beings, there is a part of the body that is the heart, which must be filled with love towards God.

God gives us what is good for us and keeps us aware of the things that hurt the most.

Loving God is a great feeling. Believing in a power that is superior to us gives us the confidence that there is someone who is there for us. God is a feeling for millions of devotees who spend their time praying, praising their Lord.

What happens when we start loving God?

When you are moving in a barren street in the dark. Will you find it difficult?

Yes! We find it more difficult and scary. Now in the same street, you met your close friend. Now? It will not be that difficult right? Yes. You don’t find it that risky because you know that you are with a company I.e, your friend.

In the same way, imagine the street as the world and your friend or close one like God.

God is always with us as our close one whose presence feels us confident and gives us peace.

God is always with us-AffectionGuide
God is always with us-AffectionGuide

Loving God is not an easy task but at the same time, it is not that difficult.

God is the architect of the universe. He created us because he loves us.

Just start loving God, start believing in him, start praising him and see how easy life takes off.

Always defend God. Spread the knowledge that he gave to you in the whole world.

God is always with us like a cloud. He gives us rain, he protects us from the sun, and also makes us feel his presence.

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Love God with all your heart

The most important thing in loving God is to give the whole heart. You can’t love if you are not going to give the whole heart.

God knows what is good and what is bad enough. So be calm and continue to love God.

Always obey him. Do not perpetrate anything that God does not like. If you did then ask for forgiveness by doing all the aspects that he loves to see.

God always said to love all his creations, living or nonliving. Do not scramble for worldly factors. God gives you if it is necessary for you.

God always advised us to give up all the negativity and greed. Keep your heart clean and God always exists there. Always spread positivity.

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What does God expect from us?

Loving God means doing all the rituals that he loves. God expects these things from us in the day-to-day routines and rituals.

  • Play
  • Applaud him.
  • Obey
  • Trust him.
  • Comfort others.
  • Feel positive.
  • Always be quiet and calm.
  • Treat your haters with a cool mind.
  • Honor everyone.
  • Recall in joy and grief.
  • Always ask God to pardon for every sin.
  • Dissipate his presence and dignity.

Start following these and you will start loving God and God also starts to love you.

Trust in God-AffectionGod
Trust in God-AffectionGod

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At the end of this exchange, what do you think of the topic? Should you love God? Loving exists in all living beings. Some take it remarkably and some don’t. Just remember we all love him but don’t show. Turn on to show how you love him, see how the world changes. Instead of finding a shoulder to sob find a heart that loves till your verge that is God. Sometimes just sit and sing for him, live for him, breathe for him. And thank him for giving me this beautiful life. Always ask for pardon.

Forfeit for him. Remember, God is watching you, and he knows what you are going with. Keep calm and constantly continue with giving love. He is always there for you, just take a moment to and start loving him.

Pray, Praise, and opt for Peace.  Let’s start loving God and his creations.

“Loving God is Loving Yourself”. 

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