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Text Your Ex Back Review – A Detailed Review

Text Your Ex Back-AffectionGuide
Text Your Ex Back-AffectionGuide

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The Good:

Reviews of text your ex back are phenomenally comprehensive and detailed when it comes to helping men hit the reset button, helping them understand what is required to win their ex-lover back, from a sturdy position of strength.

The psychological tricks shown to woo your ex via the avenue of texting are not always first-rate, but get the job done, and get the job done with conviction.

The Bad:

Methods and strategies that do not involve texting are not reviewed in-depth in this program. The program is not structured to be “one-size-fits-all”, so it’s possible to be disappointed by its lack of attraction texts.

This program is not the magic remedy that will make the entirety of any man’s problems with his ex, much the less any woman disappears altogether. It’s an option for a tool, a supplement, and should be treated as such.

This program, in any sense, is not a guarantee that you will be successful in seeking to get back with your ex. Heath this with a pinch of salt.

Knowledge gained from reading is only as useful as it is applied in real life. The knowledge Test Your Ex Back provides is no different.


The Bottom Line:

This program requires effort, discipline, and dedication.

If you’re not emotionally immature, and you’re not pursuing a course of action with the wrong intentions in mind, you will be able to properly re-kindle the romance between you and the girl that was once there but got away.

Do not read or purchase this program if you’re an abusive or serial cheater. Do not read or purchase this program if your intentions are driven by vanity or revenge. Do not read or purchase this program if you’ve been mentally or physically abused by your ex.

Text Your Ex Back makes it crystal clear what went wrong in the first place between you and your ex. In turn, making the same mistakes as before will not be a problem of concern.


Text Your Ex Back was written and created by Michael Fiore, founder of Digital Romance Inc. a dating, and relationship expert with 15+ years of experience who has published multiple other books pertaining to the similar categories aforementioned. He’s been featured on a plethora of radio and television programs, widely recognized, and revered for his ability to teach people how to effectively communicate in the realm of romance.

Michael Fiore-AffectionGuide
Michael Fiore-AffectionGuide

When it comes down to the content, specifically, Text Your Ex Back contains eleven modules that lay out different strategies to help the people who desire to reach out to their ex to start things over. It must be emphasized, going back to the title that texting, using 21st century technology, is the avenue for which any and all strategies shared in this program should be implemented in.

The eleven main modules, from first to last, go as listed:

  1. Introduction
  2. The Dumper and the Dumped
  3. The Big Goal
  4. Flight Check
  5. Text Judo
  6. Across the Bow
  7. Prepping the Soil
  8. The Green-Eyed Monster
  9. Planting the Seeds
  10. Reaping the Harvest
  11. Texting Steady

The information laid out in all eleven modules is displayed as a PDF in a multimedia format, through audio and video.

There are two separate versions offered, depending on whether your ex is male or female.

People who purchase the program also receive access to exclusive community support, with a private group of other members who bought the program and are working through the same struggles.

A 60-day money back guarantee is attached to Text Your Ex Back; no hassle required. For any reason at all, if someone feels that the program doesn’t offer what they’re looking for, or in need of, they will be refunded in full.


Although the specific tactic fleshed out may differ from module to module, the end goal of all of them, if not most is the same: triggering the right emotional response that sets the optimal course for your venture in re-connecting with your ex.

Here are some examples of what specific modules offer:

Module 2 – The Dumper and the Dumped

In this module, you will uncover why you and your ex broke up. To the best of your ability,

you will be forced to dive deep into the conversation that percolates in your ex’s mind about you. It’s not pretty, it’s not sexy, but it holds up a mirror to your face, and puts you in the shoes of both roles to understand the dynamics at play.

Module 4 – Flight Check

Before viewers get exposed to the game and learn the specific type of texts that they should try in communication with their ex, they need to decide to commit, completely. This module provides an informal list of prompts and questions that people need to answer to themselves for them to understand if they truly are a good fit for what Text Your Ex Back is designed to do.

Module 7 – Prepping the Soil

This module assists people with how to fire off and execute what is termed as the “Best of the Relationship” texts. From the depths of all of those pleas you wrote out, being unabashedly passionate and vivid, you will set the stage to be able to ensure that the arrow sticks after it lands, while avoiding any possibility of coming across as manipulative.

No matter the module, people will be convinced and exposed to the immense power that texting has to trigger certain emotions, invoke curiosity, and help one express more compelling thoughts.

Text Your Ex Back is crafted to help both men and use communicate the right way; communicate with the end goal in mind of revving the engine again on lost love.

It doesn’t matter if you’re recovering from a broken relationship, if you got friend-zoned, if you broke up with your ex 5 weeks ago or 5 years ago. Text Your Ex is designed to help you.

You want your ex to feel like they owe you something? You want genuine, burning desire?

A nimble and sound balance of excitement and ambiguity is what the aim is.

With texting, the sender is fully in control of the message they want to deliver to said target.

Achieving this nimble and sound balance is more than possible. Through trial and error, you will figure out how to achieve said balance.

But when one does, they must keep in mind that when contact with one’s ex is renewed, things start anew and the old relationship they had, any trace of it, is officially dead in its tracks. It must vanish and be put aside to make space for the new relationship, and all the parameters formulated within it that are being established.

Text Your Ex is designed to help you-AffectionGuide
Text Your Ex is designed to help you-AffectionGuide

On top of the content in the original eleven modules, there are three additional bonus modules provided, containing extra tips and tactics.

The three bonus modules are:

– Infidelity Buster

– Instant Forgiveness

– 100 Ready-to-Use Texts

Infidelity Buster is an interview with Dr. Janet Hall, a professional speaker, psychologist, sex therapist, and author. In the interview, she shares her personal opinion, derived from her personal experience and expertise on the reasons why infidelity occurs, and the most feasible solutions that help people heal the easiest, and fast.

Instant Forgiveness is an interview with Dr. Frederic Luskin, a professor at Stanford University. He outlines how to not be angry anymore, how to push the past of the failed relationship you are in and how to make your partner accept you for who you are. Dubbed by some as a “leading authority” on forgiveness, his advice cuts through the fat and forces one to do deep introspection on their shortcomings and deficiencies.

100 Ready-to-Use Texts are a set of 100 flexible templates to set text messages, fit for a variety of scenarios that could play out.



John Doe, Albuquerque, NM

I ordered the Text Your Ex Back program and it has been a real help through possibly the hardest time of my life. Although the techniques did not work on my ex, I am still glad I bought the program.

I was determined to get her back into my life, so I gave it a go!

I was absolutely devastated that it looks like I’ll never be with my ex-girlfriend again.

But thanks to the book and regular emails from the author, I was able to learn a lot about myself and this has helped me get in a much better place a lot quicker than expected.

I actually feel like I owe Michael. Thanks again! And I hope the emails keep coming!


“I purchased the Text Your Ex Back program after my boyfriend of 4 years dropped the bomb, “I need space. It’s not you, it’s me”.

Needless to say, I was completely brokenhearted and destroyed.

I didn’t know who to turn to or ask for advice because everyone was saying different things, and nobody actually knew our relationship.

Then the No-contact rule came into play! I followed your program basically chapter to chapter with unbelievable results.

Everything happened exactly how this program said it would and now we are dating again and taking things day by day and our relationship is honestly the best it has ever been in 4 years (just started the text the romance back program too).”


“I wanted to tell you that I got my ex back. That happened two months ago.

What happened was that she called me and we kind of nagged at each other at first, because of a little misunderstanding.

Afterward, however, she told me that she had missed me, that after having a rebound (who she called a retard) she realized that she wanted me in her life and that I was perfect for her.

I had a rebound myself and that didn’t work either. We cried on the phone and then on Skype and got back together with tears of joy.

The break up actually made us realize that we are truly meant to be together and that we are perfect for each other.

Now we are getting prepared to celebrate New Year together.”


Bottom Line Recap

All of the content combined is hard-hitting, insightful, and provocative in all the right ways.

Rather than teach just one thing you can say or do to get your ex, but then end up stuck and frustrated the very next day, Text Your Ex Back is a dynamic product that not only gives you an example after example of a solid text game to build rapport but also opens up one’s third eye to give clarity to the missing pieces that explain the underlying psychology of your relationship.

You learn what to say to receive a positive, what not to say to avoid receiving a negative response, how to reply once you receive a positive response, and what to say when you get a negative response.

“Broken Heart Syndrome” can and will be a thing of the past if the content in Text Your Ex Back is maximized to the extent of the full value it offers.

Successful relationship-AffectionGuide
Successful relationship-AffectionGuide

To keep things in perspective, nothing truly is ever a guarantee, but if implemented with few hiccups, your situation can turn around so much that your ex will be the one begging that you guys get back together. This isn’t magic, or sorcery. There’s no genuine sleight of hand or card tricks involved in this.

To arrive at a successful point with your relationships, one has to understand and create realistic expectations. This requires detachment from ego, and willingness to tap into a deeper emotional realm, if necessary (usually is).

If one commits to doing so, then regardless the means and methods utilized, communicating from an authentic place that resonates will no longer be, or feel like a struggle.

Armed with all the weaponry one could seek out, Text Your Ex Back adds sugar, spice, a Midas touch, and a much-needed human touch to the under explored art of texting.

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