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The Obsession Method:  Review at a glance

The Obsession Review-AffectionGuide
The Obsession Review-AffectionGuide

The Good

The Obsession Method is a four-part system by Kate Spring that teaches men how to become the gorgeous guy they were meant to be in order to attract the lady they desire. This training teaches you how to make a woman experience overwhelming desire for you by understanding what she wants and for the supportive relationship. It has an easy-to-follow roadmap to attracting, approaching, Seducing, and securing women.

The Bad

It will not complete the task for you; you must still go out and complete the difficult part. The program’s suggestions may appear strange, and lastly, there is no physical book available; only digital copies are accessible. It can be abused, just like any other dating guide, by the wrong individuals for the wrong reasons.

The Bottom Line

The Obsession Method will teach you how to be more attractive to women that you desire. It has created a unique method that can help any man become irresistible to the women he desires. The obsession method program is helping men who want better relationships with their partners and to increase personal productivity.. The advice includes information on what makes a man desirable, carrying yourself in public, and when dating someone new.

This program is created for men who want to be the best they can be in their relationships. It’s not about beating your competition; it’s about making yourself better than you were yesterday. The focus of this program is on how to become a man that women naturally feel attraction and desire for.

The obsession method is a step-by-step system that will guide you to get the girl of your dreams. You can learn everything about attraction, seduction, sexual activities and how to create chemistry with any woman you want. In addition to the core eBook, the package includes 28 videos that break down the procedure and provide more information.

Review of the obsession method-AffectionGuide
Review of the obsession method-AffectionGuide

Review in Detail

The Obsession Method is an online dating technique that teaches men how to attract and captivate any woman they choose without resorting to manipulative tactics or mental games.

According to studies, women would rather be single than be with someone who isn’t right for them. But how do you become the man people want to spend their time with? You don’t have to change who you are, what you desire, or how you appear, despite what other programs may lead you to believe.

The Obsession was written by Kate Spring for those who are having trouble finding love. Kate Spring is a relationship coach who saw an opportunity to share her knowledge and effectively. Many of the strategies utilized by the coach herself are included in the book. She’s known for teaching men how to be the handsome men they were meant to be. And she’s helped hundreds of men across the world obtain what they want out of their relationships.

Kate Spring is also a best-selling author and content developer and a BA graduate from the University of Victoria. She has a YouTube channel and a website called “Love Learning,” where you may learn how to impress the woman you want.

kate Spring-AffectionGuide
kate Spring-AffectionGuide

The Obsession Method is a strong technique that equips you with the necessary knowledge, tactics, sex texts and love language to attract any woman you desire. It’s a four-part series that avoids the standard one-liners and awkward techniques that you’d never use in real life. So, if you’ve been seeking a way to improve your game without having to alter it, this game-changer is for you.

Overview of the Obsession Method

The Obsession Method is a thorough four-part approach for men who want to learn how to stand out from the crowd and attract the woman of their dreams. It’s a one-of-a-kind method that offers you a wealth of knowledge about how women think and what draws them.

Then it teaches you how to tap into a woman’s brain and, eventually, how to control how much she desires you, using a series of mind hacks, expert tactics, and a highly secretive encrypted language. To guarantee that you understand using the approaches, they come with extensive directions, activities, and descriptions.

One of the numerous advantages of The Obsession Method is that it does not simply teach you skills and then sends you on your way. It explains the logic behind them and even offers ways for overcoming your self-doubts and fears so you can be the confident man you want to be. Then there are the methods that you can employ whenever you see a woman you like, all of which have been developed by a professional dating and relationship coach.

Approach Factor

The first section is all about your approach, as the title says. It covers a wide range of topics and provides you with the knowledge you need to get any lady you choose to obsess about you.

This includes themes such as the “Instant Attraction Factor,” strategies for taking charge, and a simple exercise that teaches you five techniques to enhance your confidence, among other things. To put it another way, it’s the program’s beginning point. Each new module also includes a quick summary of what to expect from it.

The first step most males must take to start a connection with a woman is to approach her. However, this is difficult, especially if you have no prior expertise. You could do it yourself, but you incur the risk of making a mistake.

The Obsession Method discusses how to approach a woman more effectively, so you can have a higher chance of starting a conversation that leads to anything productive. The worst thing you can do is fall in love with a lady but lack the confidence to approach her and introduce yourself. This is readily fixed with The Obsession Method, which explains how to approach women successfully.

How to approach a woman-AffectionGuide
How to approach a woman-AffectionGuide

Attraction Factor

The program’s second section is all about attracting the woman you’ve set your sights on. It includes a range of suggestions and tactics to help you in every aspect of your life, including overcoming anxiety, the three components of talking to women, and establishing attraction through texting, among other things. It includes step-by-step instructions where necessary and very basic instructions for the remainder.

After you’ve approached a woman, you should continue to develop a relationship with her. You must learn how to portray yourself more appealingly at this stage, rather than one that could result in rejection. Many men have their approaches, which are often satisfactory in their eyes but are the opposite of what should be done.

For example, some guys may believe that seeming rough and manly is attractive, even if the woman they’re attempting to impress isn’t particularly fond of “macho” males. The Obsession Method goes into great length about what you can do on your own to make yourself more attractive to women on the inside and exterior.

Seducing Factor

The third section focuses on seduction. It covers everything you’ll ever need to know about seducing women, from reading her body language to understanding the stages of courtship and all in between.

You might want to take it a step further once you’ve started a dialogue between the two of you. There are numerous methods to strengthen your persuasive talents in The Obsession Method. Women don’t always gravitate toward the manliest or even the sharpest guy in the bar.

There is a component to this, which is stated in an intelligible manner and is simple to include in your next action. Before you study The Obsession Method, you must discard everything you’ve learned.

Allowing yourself to let go of what you think you already know will help you to employ the approaches in the book effectively rather than adding them to your list of potentially worthless methods that have failed in the past.

Seducing Factor-AffectionGuide
Seducing Factor-AffectionGuide

Securing Factor

It’s time to lock it down now that you’ve got something going with each other. Many men believe they know how to do it, but if you’re anything like the average man, you’ll need some help figuring out what works best for you.

The Obsession Method explains how to maintain a relationship in a variety of situations. You can’t expect miracles from a single piece of well-intentioned counsel.

That’s why this section of The Obsession Method is so popular: it provides advice for a range of settings, recognizing that various situations necessitate different approaches. Using a strategy designed for a lady you’ve just met for a relationship that’s already two weeks old is vastly different, which is why this section is so important to grasp.

Take-Home Teachings

If you’re not sure why you should attempt Kate Spring’s Obsession Method, consider the times when you couldn’t approach a lady or be given the cold shoulder by the woman with whom you wanted to strike up a discussion. The program can teach you a variety of things, including;

  • The first thing you’ll learn in Kate Spring’s Obsession Method is precision tactics. You won’t have to worry about being rejected by ladies once you’ve gone through everything and understood the process.

This program will educate you on when to initiate contact, how to ask her out, and how to develop sexual intimacy without coming across as a jerk, playboy, or creep. You’ll finally correct the mistakes you’ve been making while approaching ladies with this training.

  • Story mode is your trump card since it will let you cultivate the seeds of want and lust in her unconscious mind for you. But how do you do it? Easy, the program will show you how to tell her a unique story that will pique her interest in you.
  • Your body language has the power to either impress or bore the other person. Thus it’s critical to keep it polished. The obsessive approach will show you how to utilize your body language effectively to make the lady feel at ease and interested in you.
  • Sexually stimulating a woman is a task best left to men, as it depends on various circumstances. However, Kate Spring’s Obsession Method is chock-full of psychological tricks that can help you quickly gain access to her heart.
  • Do you ever get left on “read” after getting a woman’s phone number through text seduction? I’m sure that hurts your pride more than being kicked in the buttocks. However, with Kate Spring’s help, you may easily avoid this. She teaches you how to generate an instant response from a woman and keep her hooked with the Obsession Method.
  • It’s not just single men who find it difficult to attract women’s attention. Married males experience similar problems, which can lead to major disputes and even divorce. As a result, it’s critical to keep the love and romance alive between you two. Kate Spring, a married woman herself, understands this and has provided some helpful advice to help you rekindle your romance.
Attract women's attention-AffectionGuide
Attract women’s attention-AffectionGuide


As you can see, The Obsession Method isn’t solely concerned with strategies for seducing women. It also addresses the issues preventing you from dating and having sex in the past, such as your thinking, fears, fear of rejection, and so on. This is a well-rounded program that offers you comprehensive assistance, counsel, and guidance.

Regardless of why you’re looking for relationship counsel, The Obsession will surely assist you. As previously said, many dating guides do not adequately describe the crucial approaches for successful implementation into your dating game.

The obsession method-AffectionGuide
The obsession method-AffectionGuide

Therefore, we hold Kate Spring in such high regard since she did what no one else could and truly delivered. The Obsession can significantly improve your dating game in a short period of time while also boosting your confidence, increasing your chances of success in all types of relationships. These approaches have been proven to work time and time again if used correctly.

The Obsession Method is a strong program that teaches men how to get the woman of their dreams. It’s a simple approach that includes a wealth of expert techniques, scenarios, behavioral characteristics and examples, ensuring that you know exactly what to do to achieve excellent achievement.

This guide is for those aiming for long-term partnerships rather than casual encounters. Also, because there is a lot to read, I recommend watching the videos rather than reading the e-book.

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