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How to tell if A Guy Likes You at Work

How to tell if A Guy Likes You at Work-AffectionGuide
How to tell if A Guy Likes You at Work-AffectionGuide

Ladies, have you ever been at your place of work, going about your daily work schedule and you notice that there is a guy that has been giving you the looks directly or indirectly? He gives you the stares and looks that signify that he seems interested in you, sort of like digs you and that gives you the chills.

This is a typical example of a situation you may not want to be in, neither did you bargain for it, but, what could go wrong? Could it be that he is giving you silent signals, trying to pass across a piece of information and you’re not getting it or, could it very well mean that he likes you? “How cute”, you might think, but let’s be sure here that it isn’t just some random stuff or a misconception, or you are beginning to imagine things that are so not cool. Well, you don’t need to worry any longer as I will be letting you in on the ways to tell if that guy at your workplace likes you.

Ways to Tell A Guy Likes You at Work

  1. He gives You more Attention at Work

This is one major way to know if that guy likes you. He wants to draw close to you, wants to know you better. He does this by letting you know that you are now becoming a major part of his concern. You want to do something that involves him and you notice that he is there, always ready to assist you.

He gives You more Attention at Work-AffectionGuide
He gives You more Attention at Work-AffectionGuide

He sometimes goes out of his way to help you with assignments or tasks to which you have been assigned, all in a bid to draw close to you. Sometimes, you may notice him looking subtly at you during a board meeting or a conference, and you can tell that he likes you.

  1. He gets Nice things for you while Coming to Work

He starts to get you things while on transit to work. Maybe a flower today, an item tomorrow, and he does this in a way that shows that you are starting to matter to him. He might have asked you indirectly what sort of things you like, and what your tastes are in certain things. Although you might be getting curious about why he is doing all these things, he may just pass it on as one of the lovely things he does because he wants to. He does this to let you know that you are beginning to matter to him, and you can always tell because you just know. Go, girl!

  1. He Invites you for Lunch Together

During lunch hours, he will try to get you to go for lunch together with him. He wants every opportunity to know you better. He is ready to be open to conversations and wants to know more about you while listening attentively. If going for lunch together is not an option since you might be indisposed at that moment, he grabs you lunch on the go and brings it to you at your office. He wants to let you know that he values your presence and he wants to get along with you.

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  1. He is Willing to offer Help at any Time

Here comes a time that he’s now comfortable in relating to you on a more personal level. He wants to let you know that you mean something to him and you are now special. He is always willing to help you in things that are too difficult for you, even at work. If he is super busy, he will try his best to forgo some things to attend to matters that are of importance to you and that’s a major thumbs up for you!

He is Willing to offer Help at any Time-AffectionGuide
He is Willing to offer Help at any Time-AffectionGuide
  1. He offers to drop you off at Home

He becomes insistent on dropping you off after work hours to help you reduce the stress you face trying to get back home every day. He is quite happy doing this and wants you to know that! He might also want to know where you are living, as this is a plus for him. He is quite interested in you and he lets you know it.

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  1. He goes Personal with You

He wants to relate with you on a level that is more comfortable to you. The conversations are no more about work-related kinds of stuff. He wants to get on a personal level with you. Next, come questions about your past relationships. Yes, it will come up, almost out of the blue! Then he will be nice. Not that he wasn’t nice before, but nicer to you than usual and more attentive! He also opens up himself to you and is more vulnerable towards you. At this stage, you know that he is interested in you and sees you as an important person in his life.

  1. He Compliments you Frequently

Have you seen a guy that’s head over heels for you? He dishes out compliments like it’s his second nature. Funny right! He wants you to know that he is comfortable with you and he is quite impressed with what he sees. He praises you for little things you do, he compliments how you look on a fine Monday morning, he is eager to let you know that your hairdo is nice and things like that, just so you feel confident and comfortable with yourself!

  1. He becomes Giddy around You

Talk about the power of a lady! He gets giddy around you for no reason sometimes. He might not know how to approach you and let you know he likes you. “Come on, be a man”, you might be thinking but he might not be able to help to be nervous for some time. It’s completely natural and we hope he overcomes that feeling to get to know you better.

He becomes Giddy around You-AffectionGuide
He becomes Giddy around You-AffectionGuide
  1. He Remembers your Favorites

It’s pretty simple! He takes your likes and dislikes into consideration. Special moments, favorite orders, special preferences, and so on. He remembers your favorites and makes it a personal thing for him. For him, you’re now special and he wants you to know it!

So, there you go! You don’t need to be confused anymore. These points should let you know by now that he is interested in you and put you on the journey to a beautiful relationship.

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