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22 Tips That Will Make Your Crush Fall for you Hard! – Part 1

Tips That Will Make Your Crush Fall for you Hard-AffectionGuide
Tips That Will Make Your Crush Fall for you Hard-AffectionGuide

That special someone is one in a million, right? You might have stumbled across them somewhere or just got lucky with your best friend setting you up on an amazing blind date – but either way, it is like the universe has opened up the floodgates to open your eyes to all of these opportunities. Whether or not things really get serious between you two, you still get to bask in the amazingness that is falling head over heels for someone.

The trick (and this is true for all relationships) is to make sure there are no barriers between the two of you because falling love can happen in an instant.

Making Your Crush Like You

We all want our crushes to like us. But, knowing how to make them like you can be tough. It is likely that understanding this concept will require some practice. On the bright side, there are plenty of things you can do without having to change who you are or using manipulative tactics – otherwise known as making yourself into someone that is not you just for the sake of impressing your crush!

Giving your crush the time of day can help them find out more about what you genuinely enjoy, whether it is reading books or eating crumpets. When doing so, be sure to let your true personality shine through so they can appreciate how truly unforgettable it is!


The Steps You Need to Focus On!

Most of us have some sort of butterflies when it comes to meeting new people, particularly attractive members of the other sex! However, if you find yourself struggling with some quite severe approach anxiety that leaves you riddled with self-doubt and shaky by the time that you’re standing in front of Kit Quinn and your courage “drops out” (or falls down we should say!) we really think it would be a good idea for you to take a look at this blog post all about how to get your crush to like you . It will help give you back some confidence and leave those butterflies dancing around in your stomach.

1. Be Yourself

Too many people chase their crush when they like them while pretending to be someone completely different from their actual personality. Why do they do this?

Whenever you act like yourself when around your crush, you will be calm, relaxed and be in the moment; plus, you will give off that vibe that draws people towards you. Sure, there are times when it might be tempting to fake it until you make it but, in the end, faking your feelings and personality can actually turn people off. More importantly, playing games with someone’s emotions is cruel and unnecessary.

2. Be Around

How can someone like you when they do not actually know you? Try to be around them as often as possible. Notice that we said AS POSSIBLE, not smash-face-with-their-personal-bubble as possible. Do not be creepy and stalk their life and show up out of the blue (we repeat, do not do this).

But if they go out with friends and they invite you, make sure to go! Be there whenever you can because it might help them get to know YOU and remember YOU!

New acquaintances require an investment on their part to become friends. The thing is, they are probably more likely to want to get to know you if you’re the one asking questions that pique their interest. Also, being around them as often as possible will help them form impressions about you based on your consistent behavior over time, which increases the likelihood of them making a more accurate snap judgment about you.

3. Make Eye Contact

It is important to be yourself, but you will notice that others get the impression that they can relate more to you when conversing if just a little “flirtatious eye contact” is involved here and there.

Make Eye Contact-AffectionGuide
Make Eye Contact-AffectionGuide

We all know what we are thinking just by looking into someone’s eyes whether we acknowledge it or not, but eye contact does not mean you need to give someone creepy looks.

Just make sure you are not starring *too* long at the person across from you. Eye contact is an important part of communication, and you can tell a lot about someone based on their eyes. Keep it to 30 seconds or less though – that is considered creepy!

4. Talk to Your Crush

Take a walk over to where they are sitting or standing. Introduce yourself. You have nothing to lose by talking since it will only take a few minutes at the most, and you never know how a casual conversation might lead to something unexpected.

They will need to make the first move in order to get an idea of whether or not they would like to be with you (though it does not mean you should not take the initiative every once in a while). Talk about their interests and hobbies, among other topics, and be sure to communicate your own as well! Open up and let them know who you really are as a person, which is especially important since relationships can often fall apart due to lack of mutual interest.

5. Subtly Reveal That You are Interested

Do not make it obvious but be friendly to them. Compliment them by saying some kind words that make them feel good about themselves. You can also do this by introducing them to people you think they will like, or by tapping into your common interests with them.

Subtly Reveal That You are Interested-AffectionGuide
Subtly Reveal That You are Interested-AffectionGuide

For example, if they are following a new band, maybe you know this band as well and have gone to one of their concerts. Later, mention how great of an album they made or how great of a show they put on. Respond to event invitations in a way that shows that you will love to attend it with them.

6. Join in on their Interests

When you are with your crush in a friend circle, it is important to join in on their fun hobbies. If they are into clubbing for example, let them know that you have become interested in it too! You might not have actually taken an interest in it before—but if that is how they enjoy spending their free time then why not give it a shot? Shows them that you can definitely hang out with them and bond over the things they enjoy doing, an incredibly attractive quality to have in your potential partner.

As guys, we know how stressful it can be to get the girl of your dreams. You want to prove to her that you care and show her you are capable of understanding one another by joining in on the things she likes doing for fun. It shows you listen and take an interest in her passions, two things that can contribute greatly toward making a great relationship that much better. There is no reason to worry about the gap between you and your crush, especially when you are enjoying yourself and having a good time!

7. Dress to Impress!

There is no doubt in our mind that someone wearing a well-dressed outfit can have a positive effect on their crush. But there you go … it only works if the person in question “works” it, if they exude confidence in what they are wearing. As we all know, this is not exactly easy to do, and so we strongly urge any and all of you reading this not to take things too seriously and try to refrain from intentionally overdoing it. Because we believe you will only end up looking silly if things get out of hand. So please focus on making an effort to look your best around your crush!

Dress to Impress-AffectionGuide
Dress to Impress-AffectionGuide

Just remember not to overdo it by obsessing or overdressing for events such as prom or college parties for example! Try everything within your power to feel comfortable, but just remember self-confidence is key!

8. Let Your Personality Show

Hey, you are weird! No, seriously, just let that heavy overbearing shell – the one that is full of insecurities about who you are or how you appear to be to other people – go. You must let it out if you really want your crush to realize how cute they think you are. Your quirky little nuances are what will turn someone on toward loving you.

So let your awkwardness shine through and do not hold back on anyone – least of all your crush – if you really want him/her (we are not judging) fall for you!

The good news is, while you have been busy trying not to stand out from everyone else, your quirks have become more endearing and appealing – which means your crush is going love giving you a chance because the qualities they will notice about you will be precisely what make you unique and worthy of a second look!

9. Do not Overthink too Much

Overthinking or getting too caught up in text, or your every move is not helping you get to where you want to be. Take a deep breath! Relaxing and letting things happen how you would like them to is the best way to get that crush to notice how amazing you are. When you get nervous or are nervous, your body language can change very dramatically, opening up with someone allows them to feel more comfortable with you as well.

You cannot make someone like you; but you can make them not like you by putting too much pressure on yourself. Instead of speaking over-anxiously, which causes people to lean away from conversation with you, take a deep breath and relax.

Follow these simple rules for success: be yourself, do not put any pressure on yourself or the situation, and just enjoy the experience of getting to know this person!

10. Find the Similarities in Your Worlds

No matter how different we may seem to be in the eyes of others, believe that below the surface we do have a lot in common. As people grow and evolve through their experiences, they step outside of themselves. They start to see beyond their own limitations and borders and observe from a bird’s eye view what binds humanity together.



When you take this perspective, you realize there is not much difference between any one of us. It does not matter whether we share similar interests or experience similar life challenges because we all share something essential: we are part of the human race. We are all equally valuable and we all deserve to be treated with respect and dignity regardless of our perceived differences! You will then be able to establish a relationship based on trust and mutual understanding that will help sustain your communications for years to come!

One way to create a connection and bond is by focusing on what you and your crush already share in common and build off of that to create a living and breathing conversation. Use these similarities you share with your peer in order to form connections and establish bonds! This will give both of you more genuine things to talk about without having to force it.

11. Flirt with Them

Flirting with your crush is a terrific way to show them that you are interested in them. If you are not interested in being friends, it is important to no longer pretend that you are, because otherwise you can easily put yourself into the friend zone. To do this, take every chance to let your personality shine through and for example mention something which might catch them off-guard or remarkably interesting to see how they react.

You will know if they like you or not. Flirting is also an important first step before the next stages of romantic relationships – both parties need to be able to feel safe showing their true feelings towards one another. do not make it complicated!

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