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Is Your Partner A Sociopath?

Is Your Partner A Sociopath?-AffectionGuide
Is Your Partner A Sociopath?-AffectionGuide

Have you ever thought “Is my partner a sociopath”? When the person you are in a relationship cannot look beyond their own needs, take notice as they might be sociopaths. Selfishness, on the other hand, is not the same as being a sociopath. Sociopaths are people who have no empathy for anyone other than themselves. The only things that matter to them are their needs, aspirations, and objectives. Is your partner unsupportive and lacking empathy for those around them? Your partner could be a sociopath with an undiagnosed personality disorder. Take this quiz to find out if your partner is a sociopath?


Does your partner make you repeatedly feel guilty, for no reason at all?

Do you have a hobby or the time to professionally perfect yourself?

Does your partner often have emotional outbursts?

Do you and your partner hang around with other people?

Does your partner act strange when you need emotional support?

Has your partner ever tried to abuse you physically or emotionally?

Do you have friends apart from your relationships?

How does your partner react when you disagree about something?

Has your partner ever tried to manipulate your feelings?

How does your partner act when you are happy?

Is Your Partner A Sociopath?
Your partner is not a sociopath at all.

They’re always supportive of you and gives you space, both of which are signs of a healthy relationship.
Your partner might have some sociopath tendencies.

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