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Are You Treating Your Girlfriend Right?

Are You Treating Your Girlfriend Right?-AffectionGuide
Are You Treating Your Girlfriend Right?-AffectionGuide

Relationships can be tricky, and healthy ones are even trickier. It’s difficult to know how your actions are affecting your partner, especially if neither of you is adept at communicating your feelings properly. If you want to know if you’re treating your girlfriend right, take this simple quiz and find out.


Do you compliment her for things besides her appearance?

Do you flirt with other women when she’s not around?

Do you engage in the things that she likes?

Do you despise her friends?

Do you think your girlfriend might be stressed because of your relationship?

Do you get annoyed with her very often?

Do you expect her to treat you as a priority?

Do you zone out whenever your girlfriend is talking?

Have you been trying/ever tried to change your girlfriend?

Does she feel comfortable sharing personal things with you?

Are You Treating Your Girlfriend Right?
You treat your girlfriend really well

Your girlfriend is well aware of your sensitive and understanding nature. You try to understand where she's coming from and make sure she's not overly worried or overwhelmed in the relationship. Good job for keeping your relationship strong and healthy!
You treat your girlfriend with a cold shoulder sometimes

You're trying to keep your relationship strong, but your emotions might occasionally get the best of you. You might take your frustrations or anger out on your girlfriend if you're annoyed or angry. If you recognize yourself in this position, take a big breath and ask yourself if this is the best way to handle the problem. Having a conversation with your girlfriend about how you're feeling will only make things better!
You're too harsh on your girlfriend

Your criticism and concerns about your girlfriend may be driving her insane, even if you mean well. Expectations that are too high or that make too many demands can make your girlfriend feel insecure and agitated, which can lead to even more tension. Make an effort to respect and speak with your girlfriend more often.

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