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Is Your Girlfriend Manipulative?

Is Your Girlfriend Manipulative?-AffectionGuide
Is Your Girlfriend Manipulative?-AffectionGuide

Having a manipulative girlfriend can be bad for your mental well being because she can force you to do things that you will later regret. First and foremost, she’ll want to show you and reassure you that she care about you by lavishing you with presents and attention. However, once you are inside her nest, she’ll begin to reveal their true face and manipulate you at will in order to increase her power over you. Do you believe your girlfriend is a manipulator? Take our quiz and find out now.


Does your girlfriend watch your every move and words in public?

Does your girlfriend want the upper hand on everything all the time?

Do you think that your girlfriend is too controlling?

Does your girlfriend get upset very quickly when she doesn’t get her way?

Does your girlfriend tell you what to do?

Does your girlfriend want to have a say in all your decisions?

Does your girlfriend threaten to leave when you don’t listen to her?

Does your girlfriend want all the details concerning your finances?

Does your girlfriend choose your friends for you?

Does your girlfriend try to dictate what relationship you should have with your family?

Is Your Girlfriend Manipulative?
Your girlfriend is not manipulative but very strong-minded

Your girlfriend isn't manipulative, but she is an outspoken woman who knows how to hold her guy accountable. It's difficult to persuade her to change her views and mindlessly follow you every time. But, at the same time, she gives enough love to make your relationship feel secure. She is also a very honest woman who will always tell you what is on her mind.
Your girlfriend is not manipulative but very passionate about the relationship

It's not that your girlfriend is manipulative; it's just that she adores you and cares deeply about her relationship with you. She is easily enraged and does not want to make a fool of herself. That's why she can come across as being controlling at times. But she also gives you space and lets you voice your mind.
Your girlfriend is not manipulative at all

Your girlfriend is not manipulative at all. She listens to you once, and never questions your choices for too long. She understands how to move on from small issues and avoid difficulty since her relationship is too important to her. She would never make a fuss or try to make things up if things didn't go her way. This just isn't how she behaves in her relationship.

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