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Do You Have A Jealous Partner?

Do You Have A Jealous Partner?-AffectionGuide
Do You Have A Jealous Partner?-AffectionGuide

As much as we enjoy our partner’s undivided attention, having a jealous partner may be exhausting at times. Jealous partners may be too much in love with us, which may justify their actions, but they may go way above and beyond most of the time, driving us insane and, unfortunately, causing us to abandon the relationship. So, is your partner overly jealous? Take our quiz and find out now.


Does your partner control what you wear?

Does your partner confront people who try to flirt with you?

Does your partner suspect you of sleeping with your friends/colleagues?

Does your partner hate your friends?

Does your partner try to overhear your calls?

Does your partner argue about you being out too much?

Does your partner threaten to leave you if you don’t pick them over your friends?

Does your partner ask you too many questions?

Do you try to make your partner jealous on purpose?

Does your partner try to check your texts/email etc.?

Do You Have A Jealous Partner?
Your partner is not the jealous type
Your partner is not a jealous person, and you should avoid attempting to make them jealous. Your partner clearly understands that you are not irreplaceable. They are self-aware and are not affected by feelings when others misbehave with them. So, continue to respect and admire your partner since they know how to give you your space.
Your partner is just trying to protect their relationship
You may accuse your partner of jealousy, but the truth is that your partner is only trying to protect their relationships by bad influences. It's not their fault that they're dating a beautiful and intelligent person who everyone wants to date. What you should do is reassure them and encourage them to place greater trust in you. Perhaps you should go out less and spend more time with them, introducing them to all of your friends.
Your partner is overwhelmingly jealous
Your partner interrogates you for ridiculous reasons and accuses you of cheating or lying while you are telling the truth. Your partner frequently behaves in a childlike manner and wants you to soothe them down by separating yourself from the rest of the world just for their sake. This is far too much drama for you, and it won't be long until you lose control.

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