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Are You Emotionally Attached To Your Partner?

Are You Emotionally Attached To Your Partner?-AffectionGuide
Are You Emotionally Attached To Your Partner?-AffectionGuide

Emotions have a crucial role in the formation of a relationship between two people. When there is a fine balance between emotions and intellect in a relationship, it thrives. It’s difficult to keep this balance, but one can’t just give up. There are some relationships where being detached is acceptable, but romantic partnerships are built mainly on emotional attachment. It is important to note that attachment does not indicate emotional dependence. When your partner becomes your only source of happiness and joy, it’s time to start separating the two. If you have ever wondered, “am I emotionally attached to my partner,” take this quiz and find out.


Do you care about each other’s sexual satisfaction?

How would you describe your recent conversations with your partner?

How is your sexual chemistry?

How do you feel around your partner?

What is the first thing you do when you’re feeling low?

How do you settle arguments?

Do you cook together?

Do you feel insecure when your partner talks to other people?

Do you share your deep dark secrets with your partner?

Are You Emotionally Attached To Your Partner?
You might be too emotionally attached

If you're thinking things like "I can't live without them," "I feel crippled when they're gone," or "Who needs a psychologist when I have my partner," you should reconsider your emotional attachment with your partner. We all bring our baggage with us and form partnerships to share the load. However, if you get overly reliant on them, you may become crippled when they are not around. If you use your partner as your sole emotional outlet, your relationship may suffer. Relationships should be adaptable and open to change at all times. So, if you fear you're on the verge of emotional dependency rather than attachment, take a step back and think about your mental health and your partner's mental health.
Your emotional attachment is healthy

You appear to have struck a good balance between emotions and rationality. Both of you are emotionally open for one other and appreciate each other's space. Your emotional bond appears to be healthy and beneficial to both of you. You possess all of the necessary ingredients to distinguish between black and white. Just keep in mind to remain empathetic to your partner. While being emotionally available for each other, you must ensure you have other outlets for your emotions.
You might be emotionally detached

Your relationship may suffer as a result of emotional detachment. If there is no emotional connection, the positive hormones released when we are with our romantic partners may fade with time. It's a fine line to walk between being emotionally available for each other and crippling the other person when they're alone. However, detachment on either side will cause the relationship to suffer until it breaks down. You don't want to spoil a wonderful connection. As a result, it's a good idea to improve your communication and emotional availability.

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