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Do You Have A Selfish Partner?

Do You Have A Selfish Partner?-AffectionGuide
Do You Have A Selfish Partner?-AffectionGuide

Many people may not have the good fortune to find the kind of loyal and sharing companion that we see in movies. They frequently have to deal with selfish partners who reveal their true colors months or years after the relationship has ended. Overall, a selfish partner is someone who prioritizes their own needs over yours and has no regrets about it. Is your partner selfish, or is it all in your head? Now is your chance to find out by taking our quiz.


Do you sometimes feel used by your partner?

Does your partner listen to you?

Does your partner make it all about them when you fight?

Are you miserable in the relationship because of your partner’s selfishness?

Do you pay attention to your partner’s needs more than they pay attention to yours?

Do you sacrifice more of your individual freedom than they do?

Does your partner make a scene when they don’t get their way?

Does your partner share more details about their life than you do?

Does your partner share their money with you?

Do you feel like you are very precious to your partner?

Do You Have A Selfish Partner?
Your partner is not selfish at all

Your partner is not selfish, but rather compassionate and understanding. They'd let you do whatever you want as long as it makes you happy, and they've always been supportive of your decisions. Just be careful not to abuse their faith, as this type of person is one-of-a-kind, and you may feel tempted to take them for granted at times.
Your partner is not selfish but very possessive of you

It's not that your partner is selfish or anything; rather, they are highly possessive of whatever is going on in your life that they don't have a control on. Their biggest issue is that, because of their love for you, they desire complete control over you. They have a possessive tendency, so you should let them know right away that you'd like to see them respect certain boundaries, because you, too, require your own personal space from time to time.

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