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Do You Have A Clingy Partner?

Do You Have A Clingy Partner?-AffectionGuide
Do You Have A Clingy Partner?-AffectionGuide

Quite often, couples might get so close to each other that they forget about personal space and boundaries. However, in the long run, this is a problem because being too invested in each other undermines the relationship’s positive emotions. Have you ever wondered if your partner is overly attached to you? Is it apparent that they require a lot of attention? Take this quiz to see if you have a clingy partner.


On a public date, does your partner:

When you text your partner, do they:

You’re flying to another country for vacation. On the plane, your partner:

Jealousy is often part of your partner’s array of emotions. They:

When you’re in public, does your partner:

You cancel a date at the last minute. Does your partner:

You and your partner’s anniversary is coming up. Your partner:

Your partner calls you upset. Do they:

Someone who’s attracted to you likes your photos constantly on social media. Does your partner:

If someone attractive asked for your number, would your current partner:

Do You Have A Clingy Partner?
You have a clingy partner

You are just too Clingy-AffectionGuide

Unfortunately, your partner is clingy. While this can be inconvenient and stressful, it also develops an intimate friendship. Consider sitting down with your partner and discussing healthy boundaries with them.
You probably have a clingy partner

You might have a clingy partner. They may simply like showing affection, but be on the lookout for signals that they are growing clingier.
You have an affectionate partner

Your partner isn't clingy; he or she is simply really affectionate! They appreciate spending time with you and offering you love. If this is still too much for you, have a proper conversation with them about it.

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