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Do You Have Daddy Issues?

Do You Have Daddy Issues?-AffectionGuide
Do You Have Daddy Issues?-AffectionGuide

Daddy issues are the punch line to a lot of stereotypes, but they’re also a real thing. Unresolved concerns with a father figure are the most common cause of Daddy issues. And it’s not just women that have problems with their fathers! Seek treatment from a therapist or a community mental health clinic if these concerns are interfering with your happiness or relationship. Find out whether you have daddy issues by taking this quiz.


What do you look for in a relationship?

What do you fear the most in a relationship?

Have you noticed a pattern in your relationships?

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Do you take a lot of time before you really trust someone?

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What is the most common phrase your partner or past partners have used to describe you in a fight?

When you and your partner fight, how do you react?

When your partner is away on a trip; how do you feel?

How would you describe your father?

How would you describe yourself in a relationship?

Do you jump from relationship to relationship?

Do You Have Daddy Issues?
No you don’t have daddy issues

You simply have a natural desire for commitment and affection. The term "daddy issues" is sometimes used to dismiss (particularly a woman's) desire for love or sex. They make it appear as if something is wrong when someone isn't acting the way they expect or desire. Don't let someone try to make you lesser by dismissing your needs and desires.
It seems like you have daddy issues

You're afraid of commitment, but you're always looking for intimacy. Your childhood upbringing was likely affected by an absent or abusive caregiver, as well as rejection and teasing from your peers. This led you to believe there was a problem with you. However, this is not the case. You want to be in a relationship, but as soon as it becomes too intimate, you find fault with your partner and walk away. It's possible that you'll never feel good enough with your partner, and that your friends will think you enjoy the drama. There are individuals who will adore you for who you are and ways to get through this.

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