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Do People Find You Likeable?

Do People Find You Likeable?-AffectionGuide
Do People Find You Likeable?-AffectionGuide

It’s difficult to tell what vibes you give off because you can’t view yourself through the eyes of others. You could be baffled- do they consider me friendly? Or am I hostile? Is it true that I’m unapproachable? Is it possible that I’m likeable? While you can’t please everyone, it’s useful to know how you come across to the majority of people. It’s nothing to get worked up over or lose your mind about. You can quit placing pressure on yourself by just answering a few questions. Take this quiz to learn how people see you and gain a better understanding of yourself.


Do you feel like people warm up to you?

Do your friends invite you to events?

Do you find it easy to talk to new people?

Do people laugh a lot when they’re with you?

Do people you don’t know smile or nod at you?

Do you tend to gossip?

Do your friends come to you for advice?

What are people’s first reaction when they see you?

How would you describe yourself?

Do you get upset when you’re not the center of attention?

Do People Find You Likeable?
You are really likable

You're a pleasant person to be around, and you exude a cheerful energy. People are immediately attracted to you and like spending time with you. You have the ability to brighten your own mood as well as the moods of others. It's all about first impressions, and you create a wonderful one!
You can be difficult to judge, yet people quickly warm up to you.

You give off a confusing first impression; others are unsure what kind of person you are, so they may tread carefully around you. This, however, is merely the beginning. They immediately warm up to you after they get to know you and you start to open up a little bit. You encourage people to feel free and natural with you by making them feel good about themselves. People need time to get to know the real you because you're incredibly likeable!

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