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Does Someone Have A Crush On You?

Does Someone Have A Crush On You?-AffectionGuide
Does Someone Have A Crush On You?-AffectionGuide

You may receive daily compliments and a thousand Instagram likes. People may compliment you from time to time, and you may believe you are a celebrity. However, determining your popularity and appeal might be difficult. Why do so many people compliment you? Are you that endearing? Is it possible that someone has a crush on you? Take this quiz to find out if you think someone might have a crush on you.


Do people you’re attracted to invite you to do things with them?

Do you lead people on sometimes?

Do you think your friends are jealous of the attention you get?

Do you think you have high standards for your partners?

Do you always find yourself in the middle of a love drama?

Would you say you’re popular among your friend circles?

Are you often the center of attention?

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Do people know that you’re open to a relationship?

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Do you often get compliments from people you’re attracted to?

Get to Know Them Better-AffectionGuide

Do your friends ask you for relationship advice?

Does Someone Have A Crush On You?
Someone definitely has a crush on you

Stay Connected with Them-AffectionGuide

You're well-liked and attractive, and people enjoy spending time with you! People want to hang out with you and possibly do more than that because of your popularity and appeal. It's understandable that people are swarming around you, hoping to win you over.
People are really drawn towards you and some might even have a crush on you.

You may not be well-known, but you have a subtle charm that draws others in. You may not be sure whether or not they have a crush on you, but trust your gut. When people know you're seeking for something unique, they'll go out of their way to find it!

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