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Is She Playing You?

Is She Playing You?-AffectionGuide
Is She Playing You?-AffectionGuide

Being confused about a relationship is one of the worst sensations in the world. You can’t determine if it’s a genuine connection or if you’re being played no matter what you do. You typically don’t want to pose the question directly, so you remain in a state of uncertainty until you feel confident in one direction or the other. Take this quiz to find out if you’re in a long-term relationship with your girlfriend or if she’s simply playing you and it’s nothing serious.


Does she make you a priority?

Does she make you feel special?

When it comes to making plans, does she usually keep them?

Does she say one thing when you’re alone and then act a different way when you aren’t together?

Does she take you out on dates or buy you gifts? Even if it’s something small?

Do you feel like she is often deceptive about where she goes and who she’s with?

Do you feel like your relationship is a mutual give and take?

Is she affectionate towards you?

Does she bring you around her family and friends often?

Is there some reason you think she stays with you other than because she wants to be with you?

Is She Playing You?
She isn't playing you; don't be worried!

There's no need to be concerned. This girl is completely fascinated with you, and for all the right reasons. She appears sincere and kind, as well as making you a priority in her life. If she makes you feel unique and important to her the majority of the time, it's possible that the rest of the time she's just overwhelmed by stress, work, or other obligations, and she doesn't even realize she's not giving you what you need. She appears to want what you want, so relax a little and see if you can be a little more understanding.
She could be deeply in love with you. Please take your time.

Get to Know Them Better-AffectionGuide

There are positive feelings here, and this girl possesses a number of qualities that give her a hopeful aspect. However, it appears that there is still a disconnect. It's probably time to have a little heart to heart and see if you can take this relationship onto the road you desire, whether it's because your expectations are too high or she doesn't have the same expectations of a relationship as you do. It's not worth sacrificing your happiness for some of the things you desire out of a relationship if she isn't willing to be in the way you need her to be. She may, however, surprise you!

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