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Are You Ready To Date Again?

Are You Ready To Date Again?-AffectionGuide

The dating world can be scary, especially if you haven’t been successful in keeping any of your previous dates. It’s also possible that you’ve been alone for a long time and are tired of one-night stands and waking up alone and lonely every day. You must also consider the fact that being single entails doing everything on your own without assistance and having genuine sentiments of having someone who genuinely cares about you. So, do you think you’re ready to date again? Find out by taking our quiz.


What have you learned about being single?

Do you have special requirement for your potential dates?

Are you sometimes nervous about meeting someone new?

What would you give away to be able to date again?

What do you think you will gain from entering a relationship once again?

Do you wish you could rekindle with an old date again?

For how long have you been single?

Have you had the urge to get married and start a family lately?

What do you miss the most about a person’s presence?

Do you ever feel lonely?

Are You Ready To Date Again?
You are definitely ready to date again

You're ready to date again since you're still single, but you've learned enough from being single and having a few short-term relationships to know that being single isn't for you. You're always lonely, in need of some attention or affection, and you've realized that sex without genuine feelings becomes tedious after a while. You may also find yourself envious of couples strolling through the streets hand in hand.
You definitely don't want to date again

You have no desire to date again because you are too happy being single and worry-free all year. For the sake of a "so-called" relationship, you don't have to apologize to anyone for acting a certain way, call them several times a day, or even be a gentleman or well-mannered. You adore yourself and have no intention of sharing any of your possessions with anyone anytime soon.

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