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Are You Asking For Too Much?

Are You Asking For Too Much?-AffectionGuide
Are You Asking For Too Much?-AffectionGuide

Relationships can be difficult. There is a delicate balance that must be maintained; otherwise, your partner may perceive you as too possessive or clingy. It’s difficult to recognize when you’re asking for too much in a relationship, and you might be wondering if your relationship is suffering as a result. Maybe you’re curious whether you’re asking for too little, which could make you appear uninterested in your relationship. So, do you think you’re asking for too much or too little? To find out, take the quiz!


Who always pays for food or other expenses when you go on dates?

You are not one who like to go out much-AffectionGuide

Do you feel like you're "doing all the work" in your relationship?

Do you try to change their lifestyle, or the way your partner should dress up, and do their hair?

Do you make them choose between their friends and you?

Do you force your partner to meet you?

Do you sometimes feel like you're annoying them when you ask them anything?

Do you get upset when your partner doesn't buy you lots of gifts?

Do you try to interfere with your partner’s choice of friends?

Do you get nervous if your partner doesn’t immediately respond to your calls or messages?

Do you usually do things that you both like?

Join in on their Interests-AffectioGuide

Are You Asking For Too Much?
You might be asking for too much!

You may be asking too much from your partner; keep in mind that they require space and privacy as well. Always keep in mind that a relationship is a two-way street! Don't push yourself too much. If you give your partner the freedom to do things their way, you might notice some beneficial changes in your relationship.
You are asking for just the right amount- you've hit that perfect balance!

You've mastered the art of relationship management! You make certain that your needs and those of your partner are addressed. This is a difficult balance to strike without appearing overbearing or weak. Trust your instincts if you're ever unsure about your relationship—they're fantastic!

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