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Amy North: The Devotion System Review

Amy North The Devotion System Review-AffectionGuide
Amy North The Devotion System Review-AffectionGuide

If you’re looking around for a program to help you in your love life you may have come across The Devotion System by Amy North. But is it worth purchasing? What does it contain? We’ll review The Devotion System and explain its contents to help you make an educated decision.

What is The Devotion System?

The Devotion System is a program by Amy North that intends to help women in their dating lives by explaining each and every relevant aspect of the process. Amy’s target audience with this book is women who are having a hard time finding and maintaining meaningful relationships. She’s been successful herself and is aiming to spread her tips and tricks for successful relationships to all women.

The program focuses on every stage of the dating process, and also discusses the things women can do to help themselves become ready for a relationship if they are not quite ready themselves.

Who is Amy North?

If you’re not familiar with Amy, you may be wondering if she’s qualified to put this system together. Well, after doing some digging, she is indeed! Amy has a bachelor’s degree in Social Psychology and is a recognized and successful relationship coach. She’s put together The Devotion System to offer some of the highlights of her experiences to anyone and everyone in an easily digestible format.

What do you get when you purchase The Devotion System?

The Devotion System comes with an ebook, a 13 part video series, a 3 part quiz, and several bonus items we will discuss later on. All in all, for the money, The Devotion System delivers quite a bit of quality content in an easily digestible format.

The Devotion System eBook

The first part of The Devotion System is the book which is divided into three main parts.

Part 1: Letting Go and Moving On

The Letting Go and Moving On section of the ebook focuses on ways to be yourself and love yourself prior to seeking a new relationship. Amy breaks down the steps women should take prior to starting the dating process and outlines their importance.

Letting Go and Moving On-AffectionGuide
Letting Go and Moving On-AffectionGuide

Amy emphasizes the importance of being in love with yourself before others can be to love you as well. While it may sound a bit simplistic, we found this section to contain useful and actionable information for all women. The messages found in this section can also be useful for men to learn and to understand dating from a women’s perspective.

Some of the sections that we found particularly enlightening and interesting were:

The SPARK Breakdown

The SPARK breakdown focuses on evaluating your personality and encouraging the development of key personality traits that will attract men in relationships. The SPARK acronym stands for Sexy and sassy, Playful and positive, Attractive and admirable, Radiant and real, and Keen and kind.

While this list sounds a little silly at first glance, Amy does a great job of breaking down each component and explaining it’s important in being your best self. Amy understands that not every woman will exude each and every one of these qualities, but goes in-depth on how to attain and use the parts of these qualities that all women have inside them.

What Stands Between You and Mr. Right

In this section, Amy explains the common pitfalls of relationships and courtship that many couples experience. She goes over the ways to overcome these challenges, and ways to ensure you have faced any doubt you have about your relationships prior to attempting to get into a new one. The advice is based on real situations she or her clients have experienced firsthand, so it is all grounded in reality.

Part 2: Men 101

The second part of the ebook focuses entirely on men. Amy believes that understand the opposite gender is key to being able to form meaningful and long-lasting relationships. She goes in-depth explaining different aspects of the inner-workings of a man’s mind, as well as categorizing men based on certain personality types and actions.

Men 101-AffectionGuide
Men 101-AffectionGuide

Some of our favorite chapters are:

Myths About Men

Amy discusses common misconceptions about men and how to stop yourself from worrying about them or believing them. She believes dispelling these common myths, such as men are tough and uncaring, is extremely important to be able to have deep conversations and form deep bonds with them.

What Pushes Him Away

Amy outlines common missteps by women that can drive men away. Some of these steps were particularly enlightening to read about as they are subconscious in nature and most people would not notice them if they were not directly pointed out to them. Drawing on her own experience as well as that of her clients, Amy shows women how to avoid pushing men away with these simple tips.

How to Hook and Seduce Him

In opposition to the previous chapter, How to Hook and Seduce him is full of tips and actionable examples that will make men interested in pursuing you. These steps are backed by experience and real-world trial and error. When combined, they outline the general ways for a woman to approach a man and initiate courtship.

Part 3: Stages of Love

The final section of the ebook covers all of the different stages of relationships. This complete outline ensures that the ebook does not leave you hanging at any stage of the relationship like other programs. No matter where you find yourself along the way, Amy has tips that can help you out.

Stages of Love-AffectionGuide
Stages of Love-AffectionGuide

Some of our favorite sections from this part include:

The Chemistry of Commitment

This section of the book explains the science behind a committed relationship for both men and women. It gives a deeper understanding of why people behave the way they do during the initial stages of a relationship, and what you need to do to show you are open to being in a committed relationship.

How to Make Him Addicted to You

Amy offers examples and scenarios that act as a way to increase the desire and attraction between two people. These tips do not encourage you to be something you are not, or put up a front, but rather offer ways to play up your innate strengths and positive qualities you bring to a relationship. Sometimes, the delivery of the message is what counts, and Amy shows us how to communicate your intentions effectively.

Signs That He Is “The One”

Fast-forwarding past several other insightful sections, this portion of the book is dedicated to evaluating a relationship at a stage where you feel he may be “the one”. Amy’s tips and examples of extremely successful relationships will help to give you a frame of reference for your own feelings. She understands that signals in relationships can be hard to read and evaluate, and aims to help this stage of the relationship.

Other Important Sections

We particularly liked that Amy offers several other sections like “Warning Signs”, and “How to Let Him Down Gently” for times when a relationship simply does not work out. Not every relationship will work out, and the ebook offers guidance for these cases as well.

The Devotion System Video Series

The video series included with the devotion system is a way to reinforce the concepts covered in the ebook. Each and every section has examples included that help you learn the content from the program. The video series is broken down into 13 parts:

  1. The P.A.S.S. System
  2. Celebrity S.P.A.R.K.S.
  3. Embracing Your Inner Marilyn
  4. What Makes Men Stop Chasing You
  5. How To Avoid Negative Communication
  6. Texting Devotion Sequence
  7. The 15 Different Types of Men
  8. What Kind Of Woman Are You?
  9. The Chemistry of Commitment
  10. How To Make Him Addicted To You?
  11. How to Have The Perfect First Date
  12. Make Your Relationship Cheat-Proof
  13. Final Thoughts

These videos include visual examples and auditory guidance for those who prefer video to the text format of an ebook. We think that the video section of this program is best used to supplement the readings, and will make more sense if you’ve already complete the ebook.

With that said, the videos themselves can be used as a standalone program to achieve a similar effect. The ebook itself does contain more information, and information that is not referenced in the videos, so we’d recommend reading the ebook as well to gain the intended effect of the program.

The Devotion System Bonus Materials

Each order of The Devotion System comes with 3 bonus ebooks for your reading pleasure. They include:

Textual Chemistry

Textual Chemistry goes into the intricacies of the increasingly text-based communication seen in the dating process. Ensuring your tone and message are clear over a text is challenging, and Amy offers tips to make sure you don’t miscommunicate your intentions.


Cheat-Proofing is an ebook designed to explain the common pitfalls of a committed relationship that can lead to cheating. It does not assume cheating is an inevitable outcome but recognizes that there is a chance of infidelity in any relationship.

Finding Love Online-AffectionGuide
Finding Love Online-AffectionGuide

Finding Love Online

Online dating websites and apps are more common than ever in 2021. Amy’s bonus ebook explains the challenges and positive aspects of online dating that you can take advantage of or avoid.

Should I Buy The Devotion System?

We’d definitely recommend it! We feel Amy’s program is comprehensive and in-depth while remaining true to real-life experiences that she or her clients have had in the past. It covers all stages of relationships and dives deep into the mind of men while remaining accurate and avoiding assumptions.

If you’re having trouble attracting men or staying in a committed relationship, this program offers exactly what you need at a reasonable price. We’d recommend checking it out if that sounds like you!

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