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Clayton Max: Infatuation Scripts Review

Clayton Max Infatuation Scripts Review-AffectionGuide
Clayton Max Infatuation Scripts Review-AffectionGuide

Infatuation Scripts by Clayton Max is a book to help women who are struggling in obtaining and maintaining relationships. It’s every woman’s (and man’s) dream to have a partner who is head over heels in love with them and completely committed to the relationship.

Infatuation Scripts is designed to help women express their value, self-worth, and positive attributes when they are in or working towards a committed relationship. While this may seem like another pick-up-artist book based on what we’ve just read, the Infatuation Scripts does not fit this profile.

Overview of Infatuation Scripts

The primary focus of Infatuation Scripts is to provide a roadmap for successful flirtation and dating. Specifically, the goal of the program is to trigger the “infatuation instinct” in any guy that you’re interested in. Not through manipulation or deceit, but changes in behavior that complement the qualities you already have. Showing and expressing your love in different ways can be the key to fixing, improving, or creating your relationship.

Clayton Max knows that it is hard for men and women to truly understand what is going on in each other’s brains during stressful encounters such as dates, flirting, or relationships, and aims to help by explaining the mind of a man based on his experiences and perspectives.

The guide covers things like:

How to talk to each other

A primary focus in Clayton Max’s book is the ability to have meaningful conversations with your partner. Clayton goes in-depth on the things that make men’s minds tick, and how to penetrate their defenses with different types of conversation. He lets women in on the inner workings of the male brain, and the difference he has discovered through working with his colleague Emma.

How to talk to each other-AffectionGuide
How to talk to each other-AffectionGuide

Together, they have broken down the primary differences that make talking to someone of the opposite sex more difficult. By being totally transparent and open, Clayton offers valuable insight and actionable steps for improving conversations through understanding these differences.

In addition to these insights, he also provides tips for all forms of modern communication including normal conversation, texting, and everything in-between. With his help, anyone can learn to help themselves and increase their success in the dating world.

Gender roles

While the term ‘gender roles’ is slightly outdated, it’s hard to argue that they still exist in some form or fashion. Traditional gender roles such as men being the providers and women being the homemakers are not accurate or relevant and are not what is being discussed by Clayton in his text.

Clayton instead focuses on the more subtle intricacies of gender roles in modern society and explains how to navigate these differences. An understanding of the unspoken expectations of others not only allows you to combat unwanted expectations but to also address them if you feel they are present. Understanding these subtle differences and accepting or declining them is your choice and will help you become more in tune with yourself and the person you are dating.

Daily life tips and understanding daily events in the context of a relationship

When you’re in a relationship, everything that happens during your daily life becomes a shared experience between you and your partner. Clayton works to explain ways that you can include your partner in your daily life and share your experiences better through the framework on Infatuation Texts.

Small, everyday occurrences can be shaped and used to increase your love with your partner in your dating life. The trick is knowing how to communicate these experiences, when to do so, and when to hold off.

Reaffirming relationships

With the stress of everyday life, Clayton makes sure to stress the importance of reaffirming your relationships with your partner. Love is a long game and is only possible to maintain for long periods of time with an effort from both parties. Knowing how much effort to expand in different areas of your love life can lead to increased long-term love and success in your relationship.

Reaffirming relationships-AffectionGuide
Reaffirming relationships-AffectionGuide

The Scripts

In addition to explaining and reviewing what we’ve mentioned above, the program comes with various scripts that can be used during different situations. All of these scripts combined make up the Infatuation Scripts. They are not tricks or hacks for making a man be interested in you, but general guidelines to follow for those having a troubling time communicating and getting their interest across.

Urgency Scripts

The Urgency Scripts portion of the text goes into detail on the subtle cues you can use to make a man feel as though there is some urgency to pursuing you. The urgency created through the use of specific words or actions can help send signals to a man who may be taking their sweet time to pursue you. Without using direct confrontation, these scripts help women communicate to men that they should step up to the plate if they are interested in pursuing you.

Interested But Not Sold Scripts

These scripts are useful in times where there’s a chance for a meaningful relationship but neither party is quite at the point that they’re ready to go all in. Creating the proper environment for further conversation and connection to take place, these scripts use social cues and theories to help show a man that you’re also interested, but more effort is needed to close the deal.

Temptation Scripts

The Temptation Scripts are an important part of the overall Infatuation Scripts conceptual framework and are used to tempt men you’re interested in into pursuing you further. One key idea that is outlined is that in order for the temptation to truly take place, the man’s journey cannot be too easy. This is not to say that Clayton offers meaningless obstacles and hurdles for you to put in front of the man’s path to you, but more so offers ways to make the process challenging and interesting for both parties.

Easy come easy go. If someone is willing to put in the effort and work to make their way to you, they will naturally be more invested in the relationship. Being able to set up these boundaries and challenges is more scientific than you might think, and Clayton and Emma offer insightful tips on how to accomplish this in just the right way.

Shaping Scripts

The Shaping Scripts are used as a way to define your relationship to be what your ideal version of the relationship is. While you cannot change someone else’s behavior, and doing so will not lead to long-term success, there are subtle ways to make any man put in more effort in winning you over. These ideas are explained in-depth, and through the use of the Shaping Scripts provided, feelings of investment and infatuation will be increased.

Shaping Scripts-AffectionGuide
Shaping Scripts-AffectionGuide

Curveball Scripts

The primary objective of Curveball Scripts is to help any woman introduce a bit of excitement and playfulness into a relationship or courting experience. These scripts are designed to help you showcase the mysterious sides of your personality and life, and make any man deeply curious about who you are. Clayton expresses the importance of remaining truthful and not too distant while showcasing these tips.

Barrier Scripts

The Barrier Scripts are designed to give you full control over the situation as a woman and making the man aware of this in a positive way. Through the use of these scripts, a woman can express desires without losing control of the relationship or putting themselves in a subservient position. Clayton details the specific phrases and social cues needed to pull this off in the correct way.

Cliffhanger Scripts

Have you ever ended a conversation and regretfully thought to yourself, “I’ll never see them again”? Well, Cliffhanger Scripts were developed for this exact situation. These scripts are clever ways to leave a conversation at a point where the man will be dying to continue it at a later point. This leads to increased success in getting follow-up dates and helps lead to the feelings of infatuation that we are all targeting in our relationships.

Intrigue Scripts

You’re an interesting person, and you should be happy and confident in this fact. If you have trouble expressing this or getting the message across to men, the intrigue scripts are here to help you do so with ease. Using cues and language to increase someone’s interest in you is not a new concept, and the best techniques have been outlined in this section of the book.

Independence Scripts

While it may seem contradictory to starting a new relationship, men like women who are independent and don’t “need” to be in a relationship to be happy. These scripts outline the ways that you can show a man that you are independent and won’t immediately be won over. Men like a challenge, but Clayton also knows that courting shouldn’t be impossible and strike a balance between playing hard-to-get and being open with your love.

Independence Scripts-AffectionGuide
Independence Scripts-AffectionGuide

And More!

These are a few of our favorite scripts from the book, but there are many other categories Clayton goes into and explains that make this book worthy of purchasing.

Should You Buy Infatuation Scripts?

Overall, we feel Clayton and Emma have done a great job collaborating and putting together the Infatuation Scripts. The book itself is available in ebook format and is well worth the cost. We feel Clayton does a good job of explaining the inner workings of a man’s mind while offering tips and actionable insights for women looking to increase their success in their love lives.

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