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    Are You In Love With Your Best Friend?


    When you see your best friend, how do you feel?

    Which of these best describes your reaction when you close your eyes and imagine being intimate with your best friend?

    How do you feel when you're apart from your best friend?

    Which of these best expresses your thoughts when your best friend speaks to you?

    When you first wake up in the morning, what do you think about?

    Have you noticed that you've been caressing your best friend a lot more lately?

    Do you often fantasize about making out with your best friend?

    Do you frequently tell others about your best friend?

    How would you react if your best friend informed you they have started dating someone?

    Would you tell your best friend that you love them back if they told you that they love you?

    Are You In Love With Your Best Friend?
    It's possible that you're in love with your best friend.

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    Look for signs that your friend is also interested in you and express your feelings to them.
    You aren't head over heels in love with your best friend, but you certainly care about them.

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    You aren't in love with your best friend.

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