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Will We Get Back Together

Will We Get Back Together-AffectionGuide
Will We Get Back Together-AffectionGuide

Take this quiz to see if you and your ex will be able to rekindle the love you once shared. Answer the following questions regarding your current interactions with your ex-partner, and you’ll get your result right away.


How often do you speak to your ex?

What are your thoughts about the time when you were in a relationship with your ex. Which of these best describes your thoughts?

When you talk to your ex, what do you talk about?

Do you still hold bitterness toward your ex?

Do you trust each other?

How did you both handle conflicts when you were together?

If you cross paths with your ex, what will happen?

Are you or your ex seeing someone right now?

Will We Get Back Together
Great ! You can get back together!

It seems like you ended the relationship on friendly terms, and this could mean indicate there may still be a mutual interest in revisiting the relationship.
You won't get back together!

It doesn't seem like you really want to be with your ex again.
Tread with caution

While you may think this is good, sometimes one person in the relationship isn't communicating as well as he or she should. Be sure to discuss this before proceeding with a rekindled relationship.

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