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How Can You Make New Friends?

How Can You Make New Friends-AffectionGuide
How Can You Make New Friends-AffectionGuide

Discover the best ways to meet new people. By taking this quiz, you can figure out what method of meeting people is most comfortable for you based on your personality type.


You met a charming person at a birthday party with whom you had a good time. You'd like to exchange contact information so that you can keep in touch. What is your preferred method of getting in touch with them again?

You've recently moved into a new apartment, and the mailman has asked you to pick up a package for a neighbor you've never met. How do you let them know you've received their package?

What do you like to do with your spare time?

It's your friend's birthday. You live in the same town. How do you congratulate them?

How do you prefer to contact an old friend that you haven't seen in a while?

Which of the following jobs do you currently hold or would like to do?

You need some information from a public office. What's your preferred way to get it??

How do you maintain contact with old friends that live somewhere else now?

How do you dress when you go out for dinner with friends??

You're heading out to dinner with some pals, but you'll be late. How do you tell them they don't have to wait for you and can start eating now and that you'll arrive later or perhaps not at all.

How Can You Make New Friends?
Great ! You're a natural communicator, who loves to be surrounded by people and enjoy their company.

In general, meeting new people is not a problem, so you can use any type of social events to start a small talk with someone.
You like to talk to people and show initiative.

So why don't you bake a cake and go meet the neighbors, invite a colleague over to dinner or organize a party where the few people you know have to bring another friend with them.
You prefer not to disturb people when not necessary.

The best way for you to get introduced to friends is through common friends. Try to find a club, a class or an online group where you will find like-minded people. That way you get to know them better and check out the chemistry. Just try not to be too shy, people will appreciate your initiative.

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