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What Kind Of Girlfriend Are You Quiz

What Kind Of Girlfriend Are You Quiz-AffectionGuide
What Kind Of Girlfriend Are You Quiz-AffectionGuide

If you’re in a relationship, or even if you’re not, you might be wondering, what is it like to date me? How do I fit into my partner’s life? Of course, you may be many more things than just one, but this is what you are primarily like in relationships. Maybe you are chill or super flirty? Loyal or totally your own person? Find out by taking this what kind of girlfriend are you quiz.


How do you express your love?

Holding High Expectations-AffectionGuide

Your boyfriend is looking at switching careers, what do you do?

What are you like around your boyfriend’s friends?

When you want to make your boyfriend feel better what do you do?

Seducing Factor-AffectionGuide

What is your best quality?

What Kind Of Girlfriend Are You Quiz

You are always there for your partner. Ready to listen to their problems, make them a mug of hot chocolate when they are feeling down. Without them saying anything, you know what they need. You love being ready to help your partner and like feeling needed by them. You are just the best, and anyone would be lucky to have a girl like you. And remember being supportive does not make you a doormat, you can still stand up for yourself, but you also care deeply about your SO.
The chilled-out type

Letting Nervousness Get Over You-AffectionGuide

Now guys keep saying a happy woman is a myth and that women always doubt their better halves or that ‘women don’t know how to chill’ but I say it’s false. There are several types of girlfriends and one of them is someone who is always like a free bird. Doesn’t like to hold you back, be possessive, nag you much and gives you your space as much as she likes to have her own.
The sarcastic girlfriend

They are not your Friends-AffectionGuide

This type of girlfriend is not really a fashionista but has oodles of humour that borders on the sarcastic. She is often misunderstood but among the different types of girlfriends she is the one who is kind hearted and caring.
The ‘I Want to be with you Always’:

Lasting impressions-AffectionGuide

You are one of those annoying types of girlfriends who will conveniently manage to bring their significant other into every single conversation. It could be any conversation that is not even remotely related to their significant other, but somehow, you possess the ability to drag them in the conversation, thus annoying the rest of the group exponentially.

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