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Why Can’t I Get A Girlfriend Quiz

Why Can't I Get A Girlfriend Quiz-AffectionGuide
Why Can't I Get A Girlfriend Quiz-AffectionGuide

Even though society tries to convince us otherwise, finding a girlfriend is really difficult. The most lucky in love are frequently those who are attractive, wealthy, and have a bad boy attitude. Later in life, good people with a big vision for their partners are in high demand. This is why it is so difficult for the majority of us to discover true love when we need it the most. So, why do you believe it’s so difficult for you to find a girlfriend? Now is your chance to find out by taking our why can’t i get a girlfriend quiz.


Do you feel like you would have enough time to dedicate to your lover?

Do you think you are the sole reason why it’s hard for you to meet the right girl? Why?

Are you natural when around women?

Are you the one being dumped most of the time?

Do you feel like you invest yourself more than the women you like when it comes to your relationships?

Why Can't I Get A Girlfriend Quiz
You’re too anxious around women

Anxiety is like a huge black cloud hanging above your head and preventing you from just being yourself and having fun around people. This is caused by a number of things. But in the context of dating, it’s usually due to being rejected several times
You give up too soon

When guys want to start dating, they go out to various venues and start approaching women. But when they get rejected a few times, they give up. Don’t be like this. Rejection is a normal part of the dating process. Everyone gets rejected and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with it. Sometimes getting rejected isn’t even your fault. Maybe you just approached someone who doesn’t like you, which is also perfectly fine.
You don’t have a work life balance

Your Standards are too Damn High-AffectionGuide

You need to make sometime for things other than your work if you really want to have a love life.
You’re Too Desperate (And It Shows)

You are just too Clingy-AffectionGuide

There is nothing wrong with wanting a girlfriend. There is also nothing wrong with really wanting a gf really badly. Where the problem comes in is if that starts to show to the ladies you’re talking to. Women don’t want to date desperate men. And if you’re treating every women like she’s your last shot to find love on Earth, you’re not going to have much luck.

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