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Signs He Is Pretending Not To Like You.

Signs He Is Pretending Not To Like You-AffectionGuide
Signs He Is Pretending Not To Like You-AffectionGuide

So, you’ve been in a relationship for some time or just met him, but you already like him. You feel that you are attracted to him and that you have fallen in love. Yet you are unsure about the feelings on the other side. He doesn’t seem interested in you, or at least he doesn’t show it to you. Despite his strange behaviour, you want to be with him. Something is blocking you: you are afraid that he will not like you as much as you like him. You dread being rejected and don’t know how to bring it up with him. Do not be afraid! This situation is all normal.

Remember that women communicate their feelings much more quickly than men. To them, their actions are much more important than their words. In general, they prefer to show you their interest or their love by tender gestures and little attentions. For example, instead of accepting that they love you, they will introduce you to their close friends. It is far more essential for men to show their love than to say “I love you”. In a situation like this, how do you know that he loves you? Is he simply pretending not to like you? This article will reveal the signs he is “pretending” not to like you. Indeed, we will help you decipher the behaviour of a man in love who hides it.

Here, then, are the signs of a man hiding his feelings:


Tries to impress you

All you need is him. At least according to this man. Are you afraid? He will protect you. Do you have to carry heavy boxes? He will do it for you. Do you have to take out the trash? Don’t worry; he’s here to do it! In this way, he tries to show you his qualities, strengths, and willingness to work with you to make your life easier. In this way, he wants to give you the impression that he is indispensable and that you can count on him in any situation.

Tries to impress you-AffectionGuide
Tries to impress you-AffectionGuide

Never refuses any of your Proposals

Whatever you want to do, he’s ready to do it with you. Whatever idea you have (going to the movies or skydiving), he’ll do anything to participate. Even if his schedule is busy, he will manage to free up a niche for the activity of your choice. He wants to be there at all costs, which is the attitude of a man who loves you in secret.


Wants to spend time Alone

When you talk to him, you get the impression that there are no single women among his friends or acquaintances that he cares about so much. If you start the topic about it, he will respond briefly. Yet, he will never speak of this on his own. He doesn’t want to make you feel like you need to compete, and if he has a single woman around him, he will always be careful to point out that she is just a friend.


Jealous Of Your Male Friends

He tries to show you that he is the perfect man for you and that your other friends are no comparison. But beware! This behaviour can be a double-edged sword. Indeed, if he makes fun of the other men in your life jokingly and in an amusing way, give him a chance! On the other hand, if he demeans them in a mean and degrading manner, avoid it. This type of man has an ego problem, and if you get into a relationship with him, he will be looking for you to boost his ego.


He leans towards you

 He can’t help but do this! Indeed, the fact that he is attracted to you subconsciously pushes him to seek intimacy. As a result, when he talks to you, he looks you directly in the eye and instinctively lean towards you. Likewise, he will lower his voice so that you also have to bend down to hear him. He doesn’t do it on purpose, but when he’s with you, he loses control of his body; for example, he’ll grow a lock of hair or touch you on the shoulder.

He leans towards you-AffectionGuide
He leans towards you-AffectionGuide

He seems nervous.

When he talks to you, he seems to lose his words. When he explains something to you, he plays with his hair. It looks like ants roam his entire body so much he moves in his chair! His attitude is this: he gibes too much to hide what he wants to talk about. He wants to tell you that he likes you, but something is preventing him. Maybe he is afraid of your reaction or that he will lose a good friend post-proposing. He also wants to look his best and is worried you won’t find him attractive.


He limits your movements.

When we are attracted to someone, we subconsciously imitate their actions because we want to be like him or her. To check if he is in love with you, you can take a little test. The next time you see each other, cross your arms when talking to her. If he’s interested in you, he’ll copy your attitude.


Wants to spend more time with you

When a person likes you, he will surely want to spend most of the time with you. Spending time would mean studying with you, going to the cafeteria, voice calls, video calls, accompanying you to college or tuitions. He will also take special care of your likes & dislikes, like remembering your favourite snacks, ice-cream flavours or favourite coffee house.

Finding a man is not easy. So you have to recognize when love knocks on your door! Analyzing the situation can be very difficult in some cases. Still, you need to stay strong and keep on pushing until he admits. You can also consider being straightforward and ask directly. Remember that if the person is genuine and truly loves you, he will accept it when the time is right.




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