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How to Tell a Guy You Like Him

How to Tell a Guy You Like Him-AffectionGuide
How to Tell a Guy You Like Him-AffectionGuide

It’s without a doubt that someone is always out there crushing for a guy but finds it hard to tell him how they feel. Well, it’s time to make a difference and join the dating club by picking up the courage of explaining your feels to him.

Even if you have a friendship on the line, you ought to understand that most relationships start from the route of friendship. Why conceal the feeling and let yourself drown in depression? You can’t get the answer you seek if you don’t let him know that you like him.

In most cases, it’s not always easy to let a guy know what you feel towards him. There’re so many reasons why girls are often afraid of telling a guy that they like him. It’s a good thing when the guy you fancy and admire accepts your feelings towards him. However, getting rejected after opening up to a guy you like can be disastrous.

For this process, it’s best to find a way to tell him about your feelings independent of the answer you might receive.

With the below tips of how to tell a guy that you like him, you might hopefully win him over without any mistake!

1.    Tell Him Straight Up

If you have been trying other strategies and tips without any success. Perhaps, it’s time you pick up the courage and tell him straight up. However, unlike other methods of telling a guy that you like him, this has been one of the hardest ever. It takes a lot of guts to show up in front of a guy telling him how you feel. But if nothing else works, why not give it a try!

Tell Him Straight Up-AffectionGuide
Tell Him Straight Up-AffectionGuide

2.    Show Interest in Whatever He Does

Showing interest in whatever he does might be the strategy you need to impress him. For example, if he likes a specific sport, try to always discuss it with him.  At first, it might seem like a normal conversation with him, but soon he will find you compatible for showing interest in whatever he does.

3.    Compliment His Looks

Do you find his looks attractive? Then, always compliment him! There’s nothing more appealing than having someone compliment your looks every day. So, rest assured that using this tip will give the guy a hint about your feelings towards him.

Compliment His Looks-AffectionGuide
Compliment His Looks-AffectionGuide

4.    Know More About Him

If you like a guy, it’s natural to be curious about his personal life. You will be eager to learn what he wants and needs every minute of the day. You might even go a long way to asking him about his family, friends, and aspirations. Getting to know more about him is a good step of showing him that you’re interested.

5.    Use Body Language

Among other strategies on how to tell a guy that you like him, the use of body language is popular among girls. You don’t have to use your mouth to express your feelings to him because a little trick of moving your body will send the right signal. You can try leaning closer to him, swaying your hip, or flipping your hair to get his attention!


Most men don’t understand what they want in a woman, which makes it difficult for girls to impress them. So, If you’re in this situation, it’s necessary to try all the above steps to win him over!



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