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Should You Go For Therapy?

Should You Go For Therapy?-AffectionGuide
Should You Go For Therapy?-AffectionGuide

As much as we want to be seen as healthy and sane people, we often need to go for therapy and share some of our worries. Most of the reasons why therapy is important are because we can vent about things with the therapists, and they also seem to have answers to most of our worries since they tend to understand how our minds work. So, do you think you need to go for therapy? Take our quiz and find out now.


Do you have a long history of depression?

Do you believe that only therapy could help you with your worries?

Do you internalize a lot of your issues?

Do you have a hard time handling adversity most of the time?

Have you ever seen a therapist before?

How are your emotions right now?

Do you have no one to open up to?

Are you unhappy with your life for more than one reason?

Do you think your mental health is getting in the way of your social relationships?

Do you sometimes feel sad without knowing why?

Should You Go For Therapy?
You seem okay, just a little overwhelmed

Your life is going pretty well, you have friends and family you can open up to. Sometimes things can get a little overwhelming which can cause a little stress but it fades away in a while. You don’t really need to go for therapy.
You seriously need to go to therapy

You are clearly not well. You sometimes have hallucinations as well as periods of paranoia, where it’s almost impossible for people to be around you. You probably go through a lot of things in your private life and have no one to talk to and perhaps bring you some kind of comfort or advice. Going for therapy will help because a therapist will understand what is going on in your head most of the time.

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