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Are You An Ideal Partner?

Are You An Ideal Partner?-AffectionGuide
Are You An Ideal Partner?-AffectionGuide

Have you ever thought about what kind of partner you are in your relationship? Of course, we all want to be the greatest partner we can be to our significant other. It’s not uncommon for us to have good days and bad days in our relationships, no matter how hard we try. Offering support, being emotionally available, honesty, and being present when they need you the most are just a few characteristics of a good relationship. Do you ever wonder if you’d make a good partner? To find out, take this quiz.


Do you get excited when you're with your partner?

Do you ever say hurtful things to your partner during a disagreement?

How do you celebrate your partner on special occasions like birthdays and anniversaries?

If your partner wants to go out with their friends, how do you react?

Which word best describes you in a relationship?

How often do you make time in your schedule specifically for your partner?

How do you let your partner know that you love and respect them?

Do you ever snoop on your partner by checking their phone or personal accounts?

Your partner has had a rough week and wants to vent to you. How do you react?

Would you describe yourself as reliable and trustworthy when you are in a relationship?

Are You An Ideal Partner?
Congratulations. You are really an ideal partner

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We think that you can do better. You should really try to be more supportive of your partner.

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