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Should I Really Text Her?’

Should I Really Text Her?-AffectionGuide
Should I Really Text Her?-AffectionGuide

Wondering if you should text this girl? Then it’s time to answer some loaded questions to get down to the bottom of things! Maybe it’s a good idea, maybe it’s not. So, do you feel like you should text her now or do you fear that if you do, it will push her away? If you want to know, take our quiz now and find out.


Will you be disappointed if she doesn’t text you back?

Do you think texting her is the right thing because you see her using her phone all the time?

Are you 100% confident of her feelings for you?

Have you heard any rumors of her being interested in you?

What will you tell her in your text?

Do you think she likes your company?

Do you feel a certain romantic vibe between the two of you?

Do Not Fall for The Person Just Yet-AffectionGuide

Do you constantly talk to each other?

Was She the first one to text you and that’s why you feel like you should text her back?

What will be your next move after texting her?

Should I Really Text Her?
You should definitely text her because she wants you to do so.

This girl admires your outgoing attitude as well as how grounded you are when you're around her. If you're worried that messaging a woman would make her judge you because you'll be taking the initial step, think again. Texting a lady is also a good approach to start a relationship on a friendly note. So go ahead and send her a text right now!
You should text her because she is the shy type.

You can tell this girl is shyl, but she is also quite open when it comes to talking with you. She stares at you while you're not looking, and she seems to spend much of her time daydreaming about you. Perhaps it's time for you to text her and help her break free from her bubble. We believe it will be a good option since, while it may be difficult to chat to you in person, she may be more receptive to saying certain things over the phone.
Perhaps you shouldn't text her because you're not her type.

Texting this girl would be a waste of time because she has made it apparent that she does not want anything to do with you. If you're still not sure or happy with the indications, you can text her to double-check, but you'll most likely be disappointed because she might not even respond. Next time, double-check that the girl is interested in you before taking the initial step.

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