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Are You Over Your Ex?

Are You Over Your Ex?-AffecionGuide
Are You Over Your Ex?-AffecionGuide

Sometimes you try and try and TRY to get over your ex, but you just can’t, no matter what you do. It’s so confusing because your head and your heart are at war! And that can keep you from seeing the truth. Take this quiz to see if you are really over your ex, or if there’s still a part of you who’s in love with them.


Do you often find yourself wondering what they’re doing or if you should call them?

Do you sit and think about them sometimes?

Deep sadness-AffectionGuide

If they asked for you back, what would you say?

If you saw your ex with another guy/girl what would you do?

Is your ex’s number still on your speed dial?

Do you still dream about your ex?

How long have you been broke up?

Do you still talk about your ex a lot?

Do you still have things they gifted you?

Do breakup songs remind you of your ex?

Are You Over Your Ex?
You are not completely over your ex!

You still hope you'll get back with your ex. If you got with someone else it probably wouldn't work because you’re not over them yet. Just give yourself a little more time. And I'm sure you'll make it through.
You don't like your ex anymore but the love is still there.

You'll date someone else but if he asks you back you wouldn't say yes. Anytime they need you still will be there because you love them. Or you’re in love. You just don't feel it strong but a little piece of you is still occupied by them. But hey you don't like them.
You’re somewhat over your ex.

You aren't through healing yet. You hope they miss you, and you miss them. You don't think that no one can fill their place. But work a little harder and I bet you'll be over them.
You’re over your ex!

You’ve made peace with your breakup and now you rarely think about you ex. May you next relationship be happy and fulfilling. Best Wishes from team AffectionGuide.

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