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Relationship Red Flags Quiz

Relationship Red Flags Quiz-AffectionGuide
Relationship Red Flags Quiz-AffectionGuide

Everyone dreams about having a wonderful partner and being in a relationship where they are appreciated and encouraged. However, as the relationship grows, we may see several red flags in the relationship. It is preferable to recognize these red flags early on in order to save your relationship. So, in your relationship, are there any red flags? Find out immediately by taking our relationship red flags quiz.


Are you happy in your current relationship?

Does your partner constantly test your boundaries?

Does your partner have a massive sense of entitlement?

Do you feel like your views are easily accepted by your partner?

Does your partner blame all their issues on you?

Relationship Red Flags Quiz
There are no red flags in your relationship.

It's fantastic that your relationship appears to be in good shape and has a good balance. You appreciate each other's privacy, support each other's goals, and recognize the need of personal space. Honesty, trust, commitment, and understanding are hallmarks of your partnership. You and your partner both have all you need to make your relationship work.
There are some obvious red flags in your relationship that you should pay attention to

If you constantly feel unhappy in your relationship, if you have a partner who always wants their way, or, again, if you’ve got nothing to talk about with your partner, then your relationship has some serious red flags that you must not ignore. Communication is very important when you feel neglected by your partner, so if you feel that you don’t always have your say in your relationship, let your partner know and discuss how to improve these bad relationship habits.

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