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Will My Relationship Last Quiz

Will My Relationship Last Quiz-AffectionGuide
Will My Relationship Last Quiz-AffectionGuide

A relationship is like a flower, you water it, it will groom, if you don’t, it will die. Now you have to figure out what is Water in your relationship. Take this will my relationship last quiz and find out how long your relationship will last.


Does your friends and family support your relationship?

How often do you meet him/her?

When you are not in the same city, how do you guys talk?

Are you happy in this relationship?

Do you love him/her?

Will My Relationship Last Quiz
Going good.

Lasting impressions-AffectionGuide

It's fantastic that your relationship appears to be in good shape and has a good balance. You appreciate each other's privacy, support each other's goals, and recognize the need of personal space. Honesty, trust, commitment, and understanding are hallmarks of your partnership. You and your partner both have all you need to make your relationship work.
Not going so well.

Show That You Are Compatible-AffectionGuide

Your relationship doesn't seem like it's going so well. It seems like it's just a passion between you, it's not emotionally connected. If it is going pretty well right now, you must really learn how to make things work out for the future. As your relationship grows with time, you may have to face many changes, difficulties, expectations, or other personal issues. You must prepare to meet all of that. Good Luck.

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